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The Blue Minded Team likes to bring ideas to life. And the good news is that we don’t want to keep all the fun to ourselves.

If you are eager to start your career in tech, you’ve just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Digitalya Academy is a Learning program aimed to develop the technical knowledge of students and graduates, while creating the perfect context for learning and personal growth.




by doing

For two to three months you will work on different projects using the latest technologies or marketing tools. After this period you will be well prepared for a successful career in Web Development or Digital Marketing.

And don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You will have full support from our
“old bastards” - people that are developing digital products and promoting them as their life is depending on it. Just joking with the last part, or are we? Check out below some of the projects developed during the internships.


Mihaela Holoca - Back end developer

Mihaela Holoca

Back end developer

The internship at Digitalya not only helped me develop my technical skills but also empowered me to become more open and communicative. I have really enjoyed working in a team and putting in practice what I have learned at the faculty. What I liked the most was that we didn't focus on learning just one language. We had the freedom to learn front end and back end technologies and then continue on what we liked the most. I had the opportunity to work with very dedicated and open people, always willing to help us and teach us.

key points

Sorina Chiuaru - Digital marketing specialist

Sorina Chiuaru

Digital marketing specialist

I could say that I learned more in three months at Digitalya about digital marketing than I ever did in three years at university. I got the opportunity to work in many different marketing areas, from strategy and research, to content writing and analytics. Something that stuck with me is the team's mindset to help each other at any time - even if they have their own tasks to deal with. I am really glad I chose to do an internship here, and I would recommend it to anyone who's interested.

of fun

Cătălin Costan - Front end developer

Cătălin Costan

Front end developer

I’ve started the internship right after the first year of faculty when I was still trying to figure out my career path. At the end of the 2-months period, I could call myself a Junior. I had gained knowledge that would help me with my projects and even find a job easily. I’m grateful to the people of Digitalya for making me part of the team since day one and challenging me every day. We had lots of fun (without taking into account the team buildings) and we’re friends even today.

Digitalya team

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