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What I like the most about AngularJS is the dependency injection feature, which makes it easy to reuse and inject services on chosen modules.

Andrei Ranghiuc - Front end developer

Development Team

Our web development team has extensive experience in working with AngularJS software. We bring simplicity and expertise into every project that we develop. Check out some of our case studies.

Development Advantages

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework that extends HTML vocabulary in order to create dynamic
cross-platform apps. Because it has dependency injection and clean code, it can manage heavy web applications that have complex requirements.

data binding

Two-way data binding makes our development process fast and easy. That’s because AngularJS sees the Model as the only truth, and the View as a projection - so if one changes, the other instantly follows.


AngularJS provides code that is short and clean, which helps us to focus on more important aspects of the software, such as testing the functionality of the app and ensuring high quality performance.


Although AngularJS was originally meant for Single Page Applications, it is highly versatile. The framework’s specialty is rich web experiences, so we can use it to develop both single and multi-page applications.


The framework uses modules, a feature that help tremendously with unit testing, but also helps us save pieces of code that we want to reuse in the future. Reusing code makes the development process faster.

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