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One of the biggest challenges of working with Big Data technologies is to create reliable structures that resist to high peaks and offer high-performance results.

Vlăduț Cristian Bordeianu - Back end developer

Big Data Software

Our professional engineers develop software solutions that process and leverage huge amounts of data, in order to streamline your business workflow and increase efficiency. Check out some of our Big Data case studies.

Big Data

Using Big Data to its maximum advantage can save you precious time and effort. More than that, a software solution with data analysis and predictive capabilities can reduce costs, improve decision making and increase ROI.


Information Automation is another asset of Big Data software saving time and preventing possible failures, by providing real-time analytics on processes and customer relationships.

2Better Decision
making process

Big Date technologies provide a huge advantage for businesses, harnessing valuable insights on productivity and generated revenue. A better overview drives a better decision-making process.


Bain & Co. state that only 4% of companies make decisions based on data, in order to leverage the right combination of people, tools, and information. Big Data can free up resources and improve the workflow.

Sales Process

Your sales process can also benefit from the high speed of tools that analyze data. According to Bain & Co. the use of Big Data increased sales by more than 14%, using sales per employee as a productivity measure.

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