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Best technology platforms for startups

Startups must make an effort for the digitalization of their processes to keep up with the competition. When we talk about digital transformation, we automatically take into account technology because as a startup, it's expected of you to be innovative, use the best technology platforms, offer top-notch services and differentiate ...

Incubator vs accelerator - Which one do you need?

The startup world is a fascinating universe, with a dynamic of its own, with its own ecosystem. It involves not only technological novelty but also a great deal of financial strategy to ensure survival and growth, marketing tactics, understanding of the market, and consumer psychology, not to mention employer motivation ...

How to Patent an Idea

Progress is sparked by an idea. Let's say you've got an excellent startup idea, maybe you're ready to launch a new app so you post about it on social media. How will you protect that idea? Who protects your invention? The simple answer is intellectual property (IP), which refers to ...

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