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Full-Stack developer

What are we looking for?Full-Stack Web Developer with at least 2+ years of experience. What will you do:You will deliver projects using the Scrum framework,You will take part in building complex web apps,Take part in product workshops, with our clients, so you will clearly understand the ...

Vue vs Angular - A comprehensive comparison

Amongst the popular frameworks for frontend development, angular and vue are much debated in comparison. Vue vs angular – which one would be the best choice? Not an obvious answer, as each has its advantages and challenges. As usual for this kind of conversation, the answer is ”it depends”. On what, ...

Best technology platforms for startups

Startups must make an effort for the digitalization of their processes to keep up with the competition. When we talk about digital transformation, we automatically take into account technology because as a startup, it's expected of you to be innovative, use the best technology platforms, offer top-notch services and differentiate ...

Best Web Development Frameworks

What’s the primary concern of most CTOs? To ensure that their business is up-to-date for its customers, by constantly offering attractive features to retain them. And a must-have for companies are web applications, regardless of the size or type of an organization. Therefore it is important to stay up ...

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