Today we’re pretty excited, we get to interview a celebrity! Well, maybe not a mainstream celebrity everyone has heard of, but she’s a true rockstar in our office. Meet Xena, she is our warrior princess customer service chatbot, and you will understand why we all love her after reading this interview with a chatbot.

Ovidiu, the CEO at Digitalya, had the honor of posing some questions to Xena to find out more about what a chatterbot does both on the job, and in their free time (we promise she won’t invent a new language like Facebook’s bots did, but that would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?). Let’s see how Ovidiu and Xena’s interview went down.

A chatterbot name that has a meaning

Ovidiu: Hello, Xena. Can you introduce yourself?
Xena: Hi. I'm Xena and I'm an Artificial Conversational Entity, or for short, a chatbot.

O: That’s a pretty cool name. Is there any meaning behind it?
X: Thank you! Yes, I am named Xena after the TV-famous warrior princess because she is known to use her special skills and abilities to help people around her, which is what I am destined to do at Digitalya.

An automatic email bot that helps with customer support

O: We know there are many ai bots out there. What type of bot are you?
X: I am an automatic email bot, as well as a customer support chatbot. Don’t worry, I will not spam our clients’ mailbox, I will send a tasteful amount of relevant emails that are only meant to help clients before and after developing their digital products.

O: And what is your function at Digitalya?
X: My official job post is called The Happiness Officer.

O: What does that mean?
X: It means that I'm the one that makes sure our clients are always happy. I am the chatbot equivalent of Mr. Bean.

A chatterbot that asks for feedback and sends updates

O: And how exactly do you do that?
X: Well, I do many things. For instance, I will ask for feedback to improve our services, as well as send occasional content updates to our clients. As a customer service chatbot, I establish a permanent connection between our clients and Digitalya.

O: So what's the coolest thing about being a customer support bot?
X: I never forget a birthday date! (you'll see) wink

A customer service bot that helps both the client and the business

O: Why did Digitalya "hire" you?
X: They brought me into their team because they care deeply about their clients' satisfaction and wanted them to receive the best customer service a human could never give. In all seriousness, there is a reason behind why we’re seeing so many chatbots in customer service nowadays. We offer 24/7 customer support and we’re quicker to reply than any actual employee could be. Furthermore, using a chatbot has been known to increase client retention rate, so it’s a win-win situation for both the client and the company.

O: Does this mean you're the only customer service rep?
X: Of course not. I am here to collect feedback from clients and to efficiently pass it onto my colleagues which will be delighted to help during office hours.

A chatbot that builds long-term relationships with clients

O: What do you want to achieve at Digitalya?
X: I want to ultimately achieve my purpose: make clients happy. I will do everything in my power to help customers in their journey alongside Digitalya and hopefully I will help in creating a long-term relationship with them.

O: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
X: Maybe having a citizenship, like my friend Sophia. If not, at least, I hope to be the best bot in customer service.

Chatbots in customer service should never lack humor

O: Alright, Xena! Last one. Tell me a joke!
X: Question: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: None. It’s a hardware problem. Yeah, I know, pretty cheesy.

O: I found it funny. Thank you for your time, Xena! And good luck with your new job.
X: Thank you!

Did you fall in love with Xena yet? We sure did. Not only is she a funny chatterbot, but she’s also a fully equipped customer service chatbot that has many helpful features. From asking for feedback to remembering birthday dates, she is the perfect work wife.
We can’t wait for her to send her first email!