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Emerson Crane Hire booking platform is an innovative solution that can prevent overbookings and allows the team to "see into the future". It can handle and book all the resources, from cranes to operators and materials.

The software can be used by multiple operators at a time, with no risk of over-booking, because it updates in real time. It centralizes all resources (cranes, people, and materials) and keeps track of availability for each one.

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Our client came to us for a digital solution regarding a product based on a software that couldn't be modified. So, the biggest challenge we faced was finding a way to use the software in its initial form in order to receive different results.

Another important aspect was making sure that the system put in place will never over-book again. This meant we had to create a system that would update in real time when one of the multiple operators would rent out resources.


Valentino Semeria - Business Operations at Emerson Crane Hire Ltd

Valentino Semeria

Business Operations at Emerson Crane Hire Ltd
United Kingdom

I have outsourced thousands of projects to hundreds of suppliers since the dawn of online freelancing. Every now and then I’d stumble across an extraordinary provider and Digitalya are exactly that. For excellent commercial awareness, logic, skills and ability to meet deadlines on the most complex of projects, Ovi and team are always the first choice.


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