Dedicated Software Development Teams for Innovative Enterprises

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Why Digitalya’s
dedicated Teams?

Digitalya Dedicated Teams service brings simplicity and clarity to software development. It is addressed to innovative enterprises that aim to be up to date with the new trends.

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Remarkably adaptable

Digitalya software engineers are highly skilled in developing products for multiple industries. Our affinity for working with the latest technology trends recommends us for developing any custom solution.

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Daily communication

We put a high value on feedback and communication, developing solutions that fulfill the requirements and the user's needs. We discuss with our partners on a daily basis on various communication channels.

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Long term partners

We embrace long-time partnerships. 74% of our clients chose to have a dedicated team after developing the MVP. Having a team that knows your product and understands your business increases the quality of the delivery.

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Support and Maintenance

We want to make sure that our solutions deliver happiness. That is why we put extra attention in offering reliable technical support and product maintenance. Our team will assist you in resolving any trouble.

Dedicated team

Having a dedicated team that works on developing your digital solution comes with multiple advantages. Check some below.

Early delivery

Dedicated teams maximize the quality of the final solution. Having specialists that focus their attention and skills in developing on time and according to the user’s needs assures qualitative early delivery.


Incremental software development brings early delivery and continuous improvement into the world of tech.
The flexibility of the Agile approach gives you the possibility of adapting your product to the market trends.

Goals Oriented

The client has the opportunity to determine the priority of the requirements. In this way, the development team understands what
is the most important for the client's business and delivers accordingly.


Direct communication between the team and the client, work-flow transparency and adaptive delivery are key factors in any development process. Making the dedicated team part of your company is quite easy.


During the years our skilled dedicated teams had the opportunity of working on various software solutions. Check out some of our featured case studies.

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