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We all know that bad habits affect our lives - however, it's so difficult to change! Building a platform that helps us improve our heath using AI and a friendly chatbot as an interface was really cool, but also a major challenge.

Cojocariu Ovidiu - CEO

Healthcare web

Our engineering team has an extensive experience in healthcare software development, meant to reduce costs while increasing care efficiency. An interesting healthcare project is Prevent.IO, that supports people in creating healthy habits. Check it out!

Healthcare technology

Delivering accurate and efficient treatments in a timely matter wouldn’t be possible without leveraging technology, specifically web development. From electronic health records to wearable devices, healthcare software is indispensable in the 21st century.

Decision Support

Healthcare software can help patients make informed decisions regarding their well-being, based on their personal health records, verified information and valid medical advice.


Healthcare is more than treating diseases, it's also preventing them. Medical software is often focused on avoiding chronical diseases, by monitoring indicators and promoting precautionary behavior.

Data Analytics

From desktop applications to wearable devices and biosensors, medical software can gather, track and analyze data in order to identify disease patterns and prevent any outbreaks.


One major asset of technology is that it's not prone to error and fatigue. That's why software can be used to automate processes like prescribing medication, scheduling and billing.

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