The challenge

At Digitalya Academy we enjoy working with students, but most of them need a really flexible work schedule. So how can we easily track that? Also, how can we track how much time a project requires? How about how much revenue it generated?

The solution

To fix that, we created a very simple tool that allows us to track the time spent working on the projects. It also has a financial layer, to be able to understand what is a project’s cost and how much did it generate.


Human Resources, Financials, Management




jQuery, Laravel, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, Mysql

Digitalya HR Tool is a software that helps us manage all the aspects of our HR and financials operations.

It’s a dedicated solution built specifically to our needs, that can help us understand:

  • What human resources do we have available at a certain point
  • How much time did a project take from initial phases to delivery
  • Costs breakdown for each project
  • How much revenue each member/project generated