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One major part of IoT is its industrial use, where connected devices send data through sensors. A challenging but exciting task for me was to ensure that those sensors display real-time data.

Mihaela Holoca - Back end developer

IoT app

Our Internet of Things experts develop software solutions, for industrial or consumer markets, that improve businesses and the overall quality of life, by connecting cloud services with multiple devices. Check out some of our related case studies.

IoT development

The Internet of Things brings simplicity into business by providing a better overview and control of the devices, machines, and processes that you, your employees or your customers use on a daily bases.


IoT leverages the potential of connected devices assuring transparency and minimizing errors. According to Verizon, in the past two years connectivity in manufacturing has grown by 84%.

and control

From factories to homes IoT, brings automation and control into people's lives, by connecting devices which they can control digitally. Systems are now able to intercommunicate delivering faster output.


Having a permanent overview of different systems can prevent possible breakedowns and damages. According to Accenture, IoT technologies can reduce overall maintenance costs by up to 30%.

life quality

The final aim of IoT technologies is to increase the overall quality of life by providing safe and easy to access solutions that maximize comfort, convenience and improve the way we management our daily duties.

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