The challenge

When you’ve got dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of individual products to sell, the idea of making product-specific ads might seem overwhelming. Hours of data entry where any mistake could end up costing you big time with a misrepresentative ad, inputting each individual ad into your Google and Facebook campaigns, then tracking your inventory to make sure you’re only advertising products you can actually sell.

The solution

Muzaara was designed to facilitate the process of creating ads and evaluating their impact. All you need is a data feed, either uploaded as a file or imported from a URL, and you can have a unique ad created for each of your products in a matter of minutes.  

Muzaara not only gives you an automated, intelligent way to monitor your campaigns, it gives you tools to easily adjust those campaigns to make sure you’re maximizing your returns.

The result

“Ovidiu and his team at Digitalya have been a vital part of our business and I would highly recommend their skill set, technical knowledge and business aptitude to any company that is looking for a technical team that not only has excellent technical skills, but also understands business objectives.

I have worked with 100s of developers around the world over the last 5 years and Ovidiu and his team are the best to date with a clear lead as they deliver clean code on time and question the process of the platform to ensure we are on the right track. “

Neil Thomas, CEO

Muzaara Pty Ltd


Marketing, Advertising, Analytics


New South Wales


AngularJS, jQuery, Laravel, REST, PHP, Javascript, SASS, Grunt, Bootstrap, Mysql, SOAP, XML-RPC

Muzaara does a lot of the work for you.

Automatically creates ads and optimizes ad placement with an algorithm that learns what combination of ads and audience works best and makes sure the right ads get in front of the right eyes with ever-increasing accuracy. It also tracks your spending, your cost-per-click and cost-per-action, and can start or stop campaigns based on criteria you set.