The challenge

Creating an app can give you headaches sometimes and it’s your right to have second thoughts about your decision. According to a research conducted by Kinvey, it takes nearly 18 weeks to build v1 of a native app in iOS, Android or HTML5, from which the backend alone is estimated to require 10 weeks. Also, the price may vary depending on different functionalities.

The solution

We created a back-end generator that allows anyone to create an app from scratch.  With Optymous – app builder you don’t have to write a single code line because it has it already integrated. You just have to let your imagination flow and play with the entities and links.

The result

“Optymous is the friend that a programmer never had. It’s the tool that helps you save the time that you would spend on building an app from scratch. All those days spent on writing the code structure are now gone. I could finally focus on the complex code that contains the logic of the app, without wasting energy on the many simple, but necessary pieces of code. Optymous helped me on two projects so far, winning me a week of writing on both instances.”

Vlad Savin, Back-end Developer

Digitalya OPS


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React, jQuery, Laravel, REST, PHP, Javascript, SASS, Grunt, Bootstrap

With an app generator you don’t need programming knowledge.

You can develop your app with a small amount of effort, in a couple of minutes. The process is definitely faster and easier. You don’t have to design the back-end because it is already built, nor the front-end because you have a variety of cool templates that you can choose from.