• Discover why are HCP Portals critical for an omnichannel strategy
  • Learn about the evolution of omnichannel in the pharma industry
  • Find out what metrics to use to evaluate the success of an HCP Portal
Have trouble figuring out the ideal HCP Portal features that work for your business?
Want to learn new audience engagement strategies that HCP Portals can enable?
Eager to discover the latest HCP Portal trends and find out how to build or improve yours?

Get answers to all questions and more

Uncover the latest trends regarding HCP Portals, understand where you should focus your attention, and get actionable insights to create memorable customer experiences.

Webinar agenda

  • Welcome and introduction of the host and guests (5min)
  • Brief overview of the webinar topic and objectives (5min)
  • Emerging Trends in Omnichannel - HCP Portal (30min)
    • The role of HCP portals in omnichannel marketing
    • An overview of the current state of HCP portals and their usage by HCPs
    • Discussion of the latest emerging trends for HCP portals
    • The impact of technology and digital transformation on HCP portals
    • Best practices for increasing audience engagement using HCP portals
    • How to define the proof of concept for an HCP Portal
    • How to build and scale an HCP Portal
  • Q&A Session (15min)
  • Conclusions and recap (5min)


You’ll be able to learn from the extensive knowledge of three omnichannel industry experts who have been applying omnichannel strategies in the healthcare industry for the past seven years.



James Turnbull

@Camino Communications

Founder of Camino, the first omnichannel-native agency for healthcare.



Hussain Ahmad

@Ext. Pharma Consultant

Digital & Marketing consultant for pharma & biotech companies e.g. Moderna & CSL Vifor.



Alex Jijie


CEO at Digitalya, an experienced omnichannel software development company for the healthcare industry.
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