Digital product development for innovative businesses using the less is more methodology.

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by the blue minded team at Digitalya Agency

Ovidiu Cojocariu - CEO & Founder

People trust our engineering talent.
With this, comes great responsability.

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Over the years, we had the chance of working on some amazing digital products from various industries, using cutting edge technologies. Check out our featured projects.

The Less is More

Complicated challenges can have simple solutions.
Even in digital product development.

1Listen to
your story

What if... ?

The idea here is to ask the right questions in order to trigger the right answers. In this way, we can make sure that we cover as many angles as possible.


Who will... ?

Show it, don’t tell it. Here, it’s all about validating your idea - getting out there as fast as possible and collecting feedback is a crucial step.

3Minimum viable

How do... ?

Once you have a prototype, it’s easier to start building. By selecting just the crucial features to solve your user’s problem, you will make sure that you get there on time and on budget.


How many... ?

Iterations will lead you to new uncharted territories, but this is the place where you want to be. Here, it’s all about scaling and making sure that you (always) offer the right experience.

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