Inventive MVP development

Go-to-market in four to eight weeks with an exquisite Minimum Viable Product

Why MVP development?

By following the lean startup methodology, you can go-to-market fast and validate your product idea in no time. Our experts will help you throughout the process of launching your MVP, from defining the feature set to creating a proof of concept and developing the actual product.

Clear business objectives

Our goal is to help you develop a product that your users will love. We map out user needs, define the user experience, and build a fantastic MVP.

Agile development process

We follow an Agile software development process based on user stories, making it easy for you to feedback each new feature.

Web mobile development

Our software development engineers have extensive expertise in both web and mobile development in order to help you define the best features.

How does it work?

As an app development company, we offer you a full-cycle MVP development process, from defining the product idea to identifying the value proposition, establishing the core features, illustrating the user flow, setting the business objectives, and launching the final product.

Design sprint

Product strategy

Agile sprints

Custom Development

Continuous delivery

Launching your MVP

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Why Digitalya?

Your success drives us. As a product development partner, we care that you reach your potential customers and win real users while getting the best time and money deal. Developing an MVP comes with challenges for the startup owners, and we offer support throughout the way.

Cross-functional teams

A team of engineers and a project manager will assist you in developing your minimum viable product. Then a dedicated team will scale your MVP with new versions of your product.

Minimum time to launch

We put a high value on quality and choosing the right core features while making it possible to go-to-market fast with a minimal marketable product, in order to gather user feedback.

Simple product management

A project manager will help you save time by coordinating the software product development aspects; while you can perform the market research and ensure the product market fit.

Case Study

Prevent.IO – lowering the rate of chronic diseases with the help of chat boots

The purpose is to transform the way people create habits to reduce the rate of chronic diseases. The software develops custom plans based on collected data and offers irelevant and informative answers generated with AI.


Average habits


People involved


Months of collaboration


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