Dedicated Development Team

Build your software product with a dedicated development team by your side.

Why dedicated development teams for hire?

Get your software product designed, built, and launched with the help of our dedicated software development team. Skip hiring software developers and start working on your project in a few days.


Bespoke software development

You'll have the opportunity to work with top tech talent to build a fully customized web application based on your business objectives. Everything will be tailored to your needs.


Access to the latest tech stack

Your web application will use the tech stack that gets the job done and is future-proof. You’ll work with a team that emphasizes code quality and keeping up with new technologies.


Cost efficiency and predictability

Hiring the dedicated team model decreases software development costs and is faster than building an in-house team. You also get better control over your expenses and budget and know what to expect each month.


Full control over the project and team

You’re setting the project scope together with our team. We’ll take the burden of providing the necessary tech expertise to make it happen: scrum masters, UI/UX designers, web developers, and QA specialists will be ready to help.


Fast time-to-market and product testing

You get access to a software development team eager to start working immediately. As a result, your product will be ready for user testing and launching within a shorter time than other team models.


Flexible and hassle-free talent management

You can scale or downsize your team of developers according to your needs and skip the time-consuming hiring part. We’ll handle the team management and source the best talent to achieve the desired results.

How does it work?

As a software product development company, we can take your project from zero or contribute to creating new features for your existing web app. Our software teams will use the latest programming languages to build your application, and a product owner will ensure you are on time and within budget by following the product scope.

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Dedicated development team

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Ready to start your web project?

Why Digitalya?

You will get high-quality code and care for the software product you want to build. Plus, our tried-and-tested collaboration model delivers results while keeping you constantly in control. Our team structure ensures we have the proper communication and tech tools in place for optimal product development.

Vast expertise in web app development

Benefit from almost a decade of experience in web application development. Our software engineers can assist you in building a superior app by integrating client feedback.

Results-driven product development

Our team designs high-quality web applications that meet your users' preferences and business goals while offering great product experiences.

Proactive approach to all projects

You can expect us to challenge your ideas and come up with new solutions and tech alternatives to improve the end result for everyone.

Transparency in all areas

You will get complete transparency and honesty regarding the project’s status, potential roadblocks, and alternative pathways to build your web app.

Predictable process

Our collaboration will have the agile methodology at the core, which means flexibility, adaptability to change, constant communication, and a high level of input from you.

Long-term partnerships

You can count on us in the long run. 74% of our clients chose a dedicated team after developing their minimum viable product. Their success stories testify to our work quality.

What our customers are saying

We take pride in delivering software products that help our customers achieve real business results. Their feedback is testimony to our way of working and the success of our long-term projects.

Case Study

Factory4Future – an IoT cloud-based application that revolutionizes the factory industry

Factory4Future changes the way a factory is managed. The web solution tracks thousands of sensors and lets users control and streamline everything, from line output to production losses, temperatures, vibrations, and energy consumption.


Signals Tracked


People Involved


Years of Collaboration


The technologies we use to build custom software

We always choose the tech stack that allows you to get a future-proof, fast and performant application. That said, we have a few favorites.

React JS development

Great if you want to build a web application that needs a responsive and interactive user interface.

Node JS development

Ideal if your goal is to create a real-time web app that requires speed and scalability.

Vue JS development

A good choice if you want to create user interfaces for apps focusing on performance.

Laravel development

Best choice for software solutions that should be highly secure, scalable, and performant.

Proven custom software development skills

Our customers and industry-leading review and rating companies recognize the quality of our work.

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Top software development companies 2021

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Verified as the top global 7% agencies

Top web development companies 2021

Top app development company 2023

Top software development companies 2021

Top 100 fastest-growing company for 2024

Top medical web development company 2024

Verified as the top global 7% agencies

Are you thinking of hiring a dedicated development team?

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We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

A dedicated software development team is a group of developers alongside UI/UX designers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, product owners, and/or project managers who are exclusively assigned to work on your software development project.

This dedicated team is usually hired to work long-term and is responsible for creating, testing, and maintaining your software application. The exact team structure differs depending on your specific needs, the project requirements, the timeframe for completing the development project, and the budget.

You may need to outsource software development if you have a large-scale project requiring a team of experts with expertise in multiple areas to complete.

At the same time, consider using this outsourcing model to reduce the cost of building software.

Another good reason is that hiring software developers is challenging due to the high demand, and you might have trouble finding and motivating people to join your project.

Among the benefits of using dedicated software teams are:

1. Access to a team of specialists experienced in software development;

2. The ability to scale the team up or down as needed;

3. Improved communication and collaboration between team members;

4. The ability to focus on core business objectives while the team handles the development process.

Since the outsourcing company is usually located in another country, some challenges come from working with a remote team. But you can overcome them using the proper project management and software development approach. For example, we use Agile, working in small but consumable increments. As a result, you have a hands-on approach that gives you control over what gets done and how, and you are always aware of our progress.

Another challenge can be cultural differences. These matter the most when working with a team from an entirely different culture than yours. Of course, you can mitigate these risks by implementing the right communication tools and having a clear collaboration outline.

Overall, working with a dedicated team can be beneficial, but it’s important to be aware of the potential challenges and work to mitigate them. Clear communication, established quality standards, and a strong working relationship can help ensure a successful project outcome.

When hiring a dedicated software development team, you should look for a team with:

• Experience building similar software products;

• Strong track record of success with verifiable customer feedback;

• Big emphasis on communication and transparency;

• Willingness to work collaboratively with your organization.

You should establish clear project goals and deliverables, communicate regularly with our team and monitor the team’s progress throughout the development process. The good thing is that we are here to help by using the best project management tools that ensure you are on top regarding the project’s status, roadblocks, next steps, timeline, and budget forecasts.

The development costs can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project, the level of expertise required, and the team’s location. You will get a clear pricing structure and transparent billing practices when working with us, so nothing surprises you. To estimate your app costs, use our free app cost calculator to get a potential range for your project requirements, or download our free ebook to learn more about web app development costs.

The timeline can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, it’s common for projects to take anywhere from several months to a year or more to complete.

As your development team, we will follow industry best practices and use scalable software architecture. Additionally, we always build the software to allow for easy upgrades and enhancements and even the possibility of changing providers in the future.