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Our core values

Each one of us is different. What brings us together is the way we see the world and the actions we are willing to take to create the place we want to be part of.

We learn together

We're in this together, and we're motivated to grow each day.

We help each other

We value human connection beyond projects or work.

Power to the team

Each member has a key role in the final outcome. Together, we're powerful.

Always seek quality

We're devoted in delivering high-quality results.

Tech is our playground

Exploring new tech trends comes naturally for each one of us.

Working at Digitalya means

Building custom-made digital products that achieve success is what we do best each day. And we have the right processes and mindset to make it happen.


Building apps from 0

We enjoy building apps from scratch, considering different factors like the technical architecture, UI/UX, multiple use cases, the most suitable technologies, and many more.


Delivering Agile

We conduct our projects and work by following the Agile methodology, which means we implement the Scrum or Kanban framework depending on the project's requirements.


Giving your input

In Digitalya, your voice matters. You are welcome to come up with, new ideas, suggest technologies, propose features and give feedback on different areas. We encourage and appreciate proactiveness.


Having fun

Enjoying what you do, appreciating the people you are working with, and having fun along the way are some of the most important ingredients in delivering outstanding results.


Working at Digitalya

Here's a sneak peak of what it means to work at Digitalya.

The perks

We worked hard to create a benefits package that can match your needs and lifestyle. If you have different needs, don’t worry — we are flexible.

Health Insurance

Our generous private medical plan covers any health-related issues. We care about you, and we want you to be healthy and safe.

Flexible Hours

We advocate for a healthy work-life balance and offer a half-day leave and a flexible working schedule. We're happy as long as your team is happy and you are worry-free.

True Hybrid Work

You can work from your cozy home as often as you want—no need to follow a schedule or routine. Just drop by a few times a quarter to catch up and get aligned.

Frequent Team Activities

Expect frequent team activities and yearly team buildings to disconnect and have fun. You’ll quickly notice that we like to share a Gin & Tonic or Cuba Libre. Not all; some prefer water, which is equally great.

Two Yearly Financial Talks

Your professional development is essential, so we'll discuss it every six months. This way, your progress gets recognized, and you get the proper monetary benefits. Win-win.

Five Learning Days Per Year

Improving your skills is as important to us as it is to you. You get five days a year that you can use for learning opportunities and events. Budget included!

Full Leadership Support

Freely share your feedback and ideas as we constantly seek new ways of doing things. Everyone will be there for you to boost your career path and personal growth.

Inclusive and Welcoming Culture

You are welcome WITH your religious, political, life beliefs, or weird sense of humor. We acknowledge our differences and use them to build stronger bonds and expand our way of thinking.

Autonomy, Trust and Self-Accountability

You have the flexibility to do your job as you see fit. We don't micromanage, and no one will be watching you work. Of course, if you need help, we're a mouse click or shoulder tap away.

Lunch Break during Work Hours

Your personal life deserves more attention, and that's why we count lunch as work time. You get an extra hour each day to use for whatever you see fit — like a true 9 to 5 but with even more flexibility.

Transparency and Honesty

You'll get the team's pulse during our weekly meetings, where we share progress, celebrate, and laugh. Plus, the Quarterly and Yearly updates will keep you in sync with our goals and results.

Open positions

We can't wait to have you on our team. Browse the open positions below, choose the one that fits, and send us your resume. We'll take a look, and if it fits, you'll hear from us soon.​

Front-end Developer

Make users enjoy our tailored apps by crafting marvelous interfaces with React.js or Vue.js.

Full Stack Developer

Combine Front-end and Back-end technologies to create web apps that users will simply love.

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