Healthcare omnichannel software development

Omnichannel software development services

You can finally reach customers on all devices, push your content across multiple channels, analyze your results, and adjust your omnichannel strategy automatically. All of these are possible with our omnichannel application development services.


Omnichannel communication portals

Reach your most valuable users and customers with the right content, regardless of device or location. Unify your content management systems, launch pages and publish new content with blazing speed, all while delivering personalised experiences that match the customer’s journey.


Automated campaigns with custom content

Get content in front of your customers in a timely and personalised way and enhance your marketing automation efforts. Maximise customer engagement across channels and adapt your messages based on customer interactions.


Advanced analytics and campaign insights

Have a centralised overview of your cross-channel strategies, analyse cross-channel data, and extract relevant information to build advanced reports. Use the data to decide what content to push, where to reach your customers best, and to improve conversions.


AI content delivery

With an AI content delivery system, you can focus on essential tasks while the system decides what content is relevant at any given time and the ideal medium to reach customers. Leverage the power of AI to improve customer experiences, brand awareness, and boost sales.


Veeva activation and integration

Get help configuring, activating, and integrating Veeva with all other essential systems needed for creating value in HCP engagement. Bring together multiple data sources in one trusted system and make informed decisions.


Custom omnichannel apps

Every business is different, and you might be at a different stage in the omnichannel management process. Our application development experts are here to assist you in building the right tools that deliver an omnichannel experience like no other.

Our customers testify for our work

Having happy customers is something we always strive to achieve. Their reviews helps us know we’re doing a good job and enables you to make an informed decision.

Why choose Digitalya for omnichannel development

During our almost a decade of experience delivering custom software, we’ve fine-tuned our business process, streamlined customer communication, and helped launch dozens of successful software products. Yours can be next.


Transparent and reliable process

Our goal is to partner with our customers and act together as one. That means we guarantee complete transparency and a predictable process designed to bring structure to the collaboration, remove roadblocks, and create trust.


Proven expertise in the field

We have years of experience in the omnichannel web app development space, which means we are aware of how this space is shaped, where improvement potential lies, and the impact of each action on the whole system.


Proactive approach to each project

We are not just doers, we are also thinkers and like to see things on a macro scale. This helps us get a complete overview of our work’s impact, identify new solutions, and propose the best plan forward.

Case Study

HCP Portal for oncology healthcare professionals

HCP Portal that provides information and enhances engagement with oncology healthcare professionals.


Page performance


Years collaboration


Team members


Industry-leading tech stack and proven expertise

Our goal is to choose the best tools and technologies that help deliver the best results for you now and in the future.

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Top web development companies 2021

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Top software development companies 2021

Top 100 fastest-growing company for 2024

Top medical web development company 2024

Verified as the top global 7% agencies

Get a step closer to your omnichannel goals

Let us know what you want to achieve and we'll help you get there.


We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

Software development costs can vary between $24,000 to $137,000 since the complexity and features included heavily influence the final price. The estimation formula is simple: total development time (hours) multiplied by the hourly rate. If you need more details on the cost of building custom software, you can take a look at our estimation guide or request a rough estimation specifically for your needs.

Usually, companies build custom omnichannel apps to improve the customer experience, increase customer retention, help their sales force, and need a better data management tool. You might need a new solution if you believe that the current system can’t provide the flexibility you need, stifles the ability to offer a consistent brand experience, prevents you from seeing the correct data at the right time, and does’t offer enough visibility on the marketing campaigns you’re running.

Have no worries if you don’t know what you should build. We can guide you through defining the necessary features to create an omnichannel tool tailored to your business.

Happy customers buy more, interact with your brand more often, and can become brand promoters. To achieve this, you must integrate all your company’s communication channels and services to provide an excellent user experience. This means offering your services on all platforms and touch points and keeping them in perfect sync.

If the user has a discontinued and out-of-sync experience, they rarely return to you as their customer purchase journey got interrupted along the way. That’s why it’s essential to integrate your tools fully and have an accessible overview of the flow of information.

You can also use data analytics to identify areas where you need to improve, find bottlenecks, extract customer expectations, discover your best-performing channels, and handle team performance management.

There are many benefits from building your own software, among them being:

  • The ability to adjust the software to your specific needs;
  • Increased visibility around your marketing campaigns;
  • Increased customer retention by offering a seamless experience;
  • Easy management of cross-channel strategies and results;
  • Better data management and data analytics by having everything in one place;
  • The ability to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels;
  • Integration with social media platforms, ecommerce products, supply chain and product management tools, content management systems, brick and mortar stores, human resource software, and more.
  • Easier user journey mapping that leads to better relationship management and an improved shopping experience that boosts customer loyalty.