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An app cost calculator built with the user in mind.

Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner

Business Manager


We had an app idea that we wanted to implement. To get an approximate price for the development, we used the app cost calculator from Digitalya. After only five short questions, we had an offer with the estimated time and cost. We can recommend this tool to everyone. It is ideal for project planning.

Roland Peer



I find this app cost calculator quite helpful, and I really like the fact that it is user-focused. It helped me estimate my app development costs, it provided a possible launch date, and I received suggestions about the architecture. For me, it was a great start.

What is an App Cost Calculator?

The app cost calculator is an online tool that offers a rough estimate of your app development costs. This tool is perfect for getting a complete cost breakdown of the development process depending on the type of app you want to build: a web application, a mobile application, or both.

App Cost Calculator

How much does it cost to build an application?

The app cost calculator also considers the features you need, from simpler ones like login and registration or user management to more advanced ones like artificial intelligence, internet of things, or virtual / augmented reality (VR / AR).

How can the app cost calculator help you?

Many factors influence the cost of building a web or mobile app, starting from the app's design (meaning the user interface and the user experience), the team structure, and the complexity of its features.

By using an app cost calculator, you can:


Understand the price difference between mobile app development and web app development.


Know how much it would cost to implement different features (like push notifications, a QR code scanner, an activity feed, in-app purchases, and others).


Get a time estimation by providing the number of software development hours needed to bring your idea to life.


Have a worst and best-case scenario estimation to put things in perspective.

What makes this a good app cost calculator?

We used our decade of experience creating and delivering web and mobile applications for customers across the globe to create a tool that can provide app cost estimations as close to how we budget projects as possible.

Developers, designers, project managers, sales managers, and marketers worked on the app calculator so that you can quickly compare the mobile vs. web development costs and understand what each step of the development process is about.

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Calculate the price of building your app idea

Find out your app development costs


We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

The software development market is highly competitive, and finding the right app development company is challenging. To choose the one that best suits your needs, you should not only look for their price but also research their background, check their case studies, ask how they evaluate their quality, and gather insights about their methodology, values, and team structure.

A price calculator can’t tell you all these details. While it gives you a rough estimate, this only covers the price perspective. By asking for an exact quote, you can learn about the company and its way of working, and you will also receive a personalized offer based on your specific custom features.

• You can evaluate how much it will cost to build your app idea.

• You will find out more details about the company’s rates.

• It can push you to define the needs of your application in terms of features.

• You can have a more precise estimate of the time needed to launch your application.

• You might not find all the features that you need in the tool. Of course, you will find the most common ones, but if you want to build something highly complex, you would need to ask for a personalized offer.

• The cost breakdown (even though it gives you an image of the final price) is a rough estimate. To get a more accurate estimation, you would need to discuss it with the sales team so they can assess your needs and the features of your application in detail.

Depending on the app you want to build, you can have it be a:

• web application that is accessible from the browser. Although these apps are responsive and you can access them from mobile devices, users usually access them using desktops.

• mobile application that fits into one of these categories: iOS mobile application, Android mobile application, and Hybrid application (the cost to develop them is less high than iOS apps and Android apps combined).

The platform on which you want to develop your app can significantly impact the total cost of your project. On top of this, the costs can increase if you need to have your app both available as a native mobile app and a web app.

If you need one or the other (just a web or just a mobile application), there is a difference between the mobile and web app development costs of at least 15%.

Once you get an understanding of the functionality you need and the funds to build it, there are a few steps required to make your app a reality:

#1 The product strategy workshop is critical when you want to build an app. It helps you clarify your app idea, choose the right features for each version (MVP, Scale version), and gives the app development company a better understanding of your project’s scope. This translates into more accurate cost estimates and a clearer image of the final result.

#2 The product development phase consists of the actual implementation of your app features and usually takes four to eight weeks. Usually, companies use the Scrum methodology, so after each sprint, you can see a different increment from the basic features to more complex ones.

#3 The dedicated development teams phase comes after you validate your app idea and want to work with a dedicated team to scale your product. The team usually consists of a project manager, a scrum master, developers, quality assurance specialists, and UI/UX designers.

We hope that this cost breakdown was helpful for you. We understand that estimating the cost of an application is not easy, and we hope that this app cost estimator will help you consider all the factors needed for a rough estimate.