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Software project estimation - what you need to know

“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail” - Benjamin Franklin might not have known about software project estimation when he said that, but this saying couldn’t be more accurate. Even before the planning stage, it’s wise to have a good forecast of the time and ...

IoT in Healthcare - what you need to know

The healthcare industries are possibly the industries where progress impacts people’s lives most deeply. Think only that thanks to advancements in technology (including drugs and vaccines) we can now easily treat diseases that no further than the 20th century were a death sentence. Medical devices have benefited the most ...

LMS for Healthcare - the what, the who, and the why

Online learning had already been around for years when the pandemic started and made its benefits even clearer. For the past two years, not only learning institutions, but also companies started to get more interested in using digital platforms for training students and employees alike. This, of course, resulted in ...

Vue Js Methods - Demystified

We talk again about Vue JS because this flexible, progressive Java Script framework is still preferred by most app development companies to build the user interface. Vue JS is open-source and one of the most adaptable web technologies, so it became the go-to framework for web app development, especially for ...

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