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Node.js technologies

Our software engineers build performant web apps by using the latest Node.js development tools.

Node.js development services

From collaborative tools to IoT systems and education platforms Node.JS is our developers' first choice for building extremely fast and highly scalable applications.


Real-time App Development

Node.js leverages the potential of UNIX pipes, and fast data transfer between client and server, which makes it the perfect framework for real-time application development.


Software Architecture Design

We choose Node.js when designing software architecture for scalable applications. With its single threaded asynchronous architecture Node.js is fast and capable of handling many different requests.


API Design and Integration

Node.js is a great platform to build APIs. We connect your solution with third party APIs and take care of everything, from designing routes and schemas, to modeling data for controllers and resolvers.


Database Design

The database plays a vital role in every complex application. We design databases that seamlessly evolve along with the core functioning data, handling database manipulations, and migrations.

Case Study

Chur – Wi-Fi sharing solution that connects users to 70 million hotspots in over 180 countries

IoT and AI based app that revolutionizes the way people use Wi-Fi. It aims to offer free, seamless, and secure internet access to billions of hotspots, all over the world, including planes, trains, hotels, and tourist sectors.


Chur users


Countries worldwide


Free hotpots


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