Build custom HCP Portals to increase engagement

Offer personalized experiences to healthcare professionals through a custom HCP Portal

Build a custom-made HCP Portal with all the features you need

Create a custom portal that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, has customer engagement strategies to meet the needs of your healthcare professionals, and helps you achieve your business goals.


Integrated with existing systems

You will focus on creating the right strategies while we integrate your CRM (e.g., Veeva), emailing services, event planning systems, third-party login systems (e.g., Doc Check), and more.


Complex HCP engagement tools

There’s no engagement tactic you won’t be able to test, from quizzes, personalized notifications, dosage calculators, and medical content to sample ordering systems and resource recommendation engines. All portal features are at your fingertips.


Advanced personalization features

You’ll have access to real-time data and analytics, which means you can take the right action at the right time through the right channel and ensure your message gets to the right healthcare professional.


Best-in-class content management system

No matter what CMS you use globally or want to test out for your particular market (e.g., Adobe Experience Manager, Magnolia, Drupal), our certified engineers will make it work seamlessly for easy content updates and management.

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Ensure you meet regulatory compliance

Launch a compliant HCP portal no matter the region where you want to deploy it. Our HCP software development services follow all regulations to ensure 100% compliance.

GDPR Compliant

Stay safe by having a GDPR-compliant HCP portal for all physicians residing in the EU, the UK, and other territories.

HIPAA Compliant

Build an HCP portal that is HIPAA compliant and follows all necessary regulations.

PIPEDA Compliant

Our development method incorporates robust privacy measures to ensure PIPEDA compliance.

CCPA Compliant

Your portal will follow CCPA regulations, prioritizing data security and transparency.

Work with a highly experienced and skilled team

Leverage our experience in delivering complex pharma software solutions that are compliant, easy to use, and delivered on time.

Fast delivery within budget

You’ll get the portal software that you want when you want it and within budget. Your needs are a priority, and we’ll make them happen.

Proven pharma expertise

You will benefit from working with a team that understands the industry's ins and outs. Years of software development knowledge are available to you.

Flexibility guaranteed

Prove that pharma can move fast and be ahead of the curve. Work with a team that’s ready to scale and adapt to build the custom solutions you need.

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HCP Portal for Oncology Healthcare Professionals

HCP Portal that provides information and enhances engagement with oncology healthcare professionals.


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Benefit from a tried-and-tested development process

The HCP Portal development process is straightforward. First, we examine your pharma company’s business needs and what you want to achieve. We then devise a product plan and assemble a team for you. Lastly, we use Agile during the web portal development process to steadily bring the custom solutions closer to launch every week.

Tailored business analysis

Product strategy

Agile sprints

2 week sprint time recomended

Continous Delivery

Dedicated development team

HCP Portal launch

Product live

Work with a worldwide recognized expert

Our customers and industry-leading review platforms consistently praise our team's software development skills and dedication to each custom software development project.

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Top medical web development company 2024

Top 100 fastest-growing company for 2024

Top software development company 2021

Verified as the one of the top global 7% agencies​.

Build the HCP Portal that physicians will love

Let us know what you want to achieve, and our dedicated development team will help you get there.


We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

Healthcare Professional Portals, commonly known as HCP Portals, are dedicated online platforms designed exclusively for medical professionals. These portals allow access to medical content regarding clinical trials, studies, webinars, resources, and more, offering a secure and efficient way for healthcare providers to stay abreast of developments in patient care, medical knowledge, research, and collaborative initiatives.

These platforms, or HCP websites, are restricted to healthcare professionals and do not allow patients or the general public to view their content. Developed by pharmaceutical brands or as more generic medical platforms, their primary objective is to actively engage, inform, and educate healthcare professionals within a secure online environment and contribute to enhancing patient care outcomes.

HCP Portals play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experiences of healthcare providers regarding their interaction with pharmaceutical companies. Utilizing a portal provides a scalable solution for addressing diverse requests in a compliant manner, alleviating the burden of individually managing each request.

Some of the benefits of building your own portal include:

  1. Better communication and collaboration with and between healthcare professionals: HCPs can use the portals to connect with fellow physicians, share ideas, collaborate, and improve patient outcomes. At the same time, it can be a communication hub between the pharma company and your targeted HCPs. They can use the web portals to easily access medical research, clinical trial studies, helpful webinars, and other resources. This generates engagement opportunities with your brand and products.
  2. Direct contact with targeted healthcare professionals: You can create a direct line of communication with your HCPs and deliver your messages, events, and other activities straight to them. This eliminates any intermediary steps and gives you instant access to your audience.
  3. Support for other commercial activities: HCP Portals can provide the necessary content and features that can, in turn, be used by other teams from your department. For example, your field force can use it in their communication efforts with HCPs by sending them content via email or as an appointment scheduling tool for their visits. It’s also a great way to gather helpful analytics and data to understand patterns and needs and make business decisions.

The time needed to design and develop portal solutions depends on the complexity of the product development project, the necessary integrations, the number of engagement features you want to add, and your deadlines. Our team will work closely with you to understand your web portal development needs and develop a project plan that meets your timeline and budget. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details about time estimations.

An effective HCP Portal can be a hub for many marketing, sales, and commercial activities within your pharmaceutical company. In the end, it depends on what you want to achieve. To give you some hints, here are some custom software features we’ve built or can build for you:

Profile Management: Efficient handling of user profiles and preferences ensures a personalized experience.

Subscriptions: Healthcare professionals can choose communication channels (email, SMS, etc.), subscribe to various therapies, receive product safety information, and more.

HCP Interaction Forms: Streamlined forms for registration, password recovery, profile management, contact inquiries, adverse event reporting, requesting a representative, event registration, and communication preferences.

Product and Therapy Information: Easy access to product information through filtering, document references, and articles complete with reference details.

Resources: Comprehensive resources include patient materials, a curated list of medical resources, and filtering options.

Web Shop: HCPs can view product listings, access free samples and materials, and place orders. Configuration options are available to limit orders per user and product.

Live Programs: Registration for webinars and on-premise events for continuous professional development.

Click to Chat: Instant support through chat, with representatives available for HCP users.

CRM Integration: Seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for user validation and events tracking.

Third-party login integrations: We can integrate tools such as Doc Check, Swiss RX, and others for an easy onboarding process.

Advanced content management system (CMS): We have extensive experience working with Adobe Experience Manager, Magnolia, Drupal, Stapi, and others that offer the content management tools you need.

Extensive reusable and configurable components: with them, you can easily create new pages, publish new information, and launch webinars and other initiatives without assistance.

Artificial Intelligence capabilities: boost HCP engagement by allowing them to use AI to get answers to their queries, summarize documents, find relevant content, get video transcripts, and more.

The costs of web app development vary greatly depending on their complexity (the technology stack needed, the complexity of the web design, the addition of artificial intelligence features, etc.), the regulations we need to follow (e.g., HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance), if there’s a need for a mobile app or integrations with medical software or electronic health record (EHR) solutions, and any other feature needed in the portal software.

You can request a rough estimation to learn more about the cost of developing your custom portal.

Certainly, we offer continuous maintenance and support to guarantee ongoing functionality, excellent user experience, and alignment with your requirements. We designed our software solutions support plans to accommodate your needs and budget constraints.

You can request a rough estimation to learn more about the cost of developing your custom portal.