Healthcare app development for digital transformation

Tailor-made healthcare applications with essential features

Our health app developers can help you build healthcare software for the needs of both patients and doctors.

Appointments scheduling

Build health applications with appointment scheduling functionality to make remote care possible. Get reminders and alerts, and improve accessibility with an easy-to-access digital health record.

Remote patient monitoring

Bridge the gap between the traditional physical setting of patient health monitoring and where people live every day. Build medical apps that facilitate interaction between doctors and patients at home.

Patient portals

Provide patients with convenient, 24h access to health information. Use it to provide additional benefits such as appointment scheduling, medical billing, visit summaries, test results, etc. Their personal data will always be safe and protected.

Data management system

Digitalise your health data and organise it to your needs. Your electronic medical records (EMR) generated from doctor visits, electronic health records (EHR), and handwritten medical notes will be easily accessible for improved patient engagement and patient health outcomes.

Medical social networking

Healthcare providers and medical professionals need online communities to connect, exchange ideas, advice, and resources, and help each other with complex cases. Together we can assist physicians in offering better patient care and improving the quality of their healthcare services.

Telemedicine app development

Extend their coverage and have a meaningful impact on the population with the help of remote patient consultancy, monitoring, and overall support. With AI, virtual reality, and other breakthrough technologies, telehealth apps will become essential to patient care.

August Felix

CEO, SEI Healthcare


Digitalya’s team understood from the beginning what we were looking for in terms of the project scope. We really appreciated the good grasp of our needs, the excellent code, and the rapid turnaround when needed.

Advantages of building your healthcare app with us

74% of patients prefer digital healthcare and telehealth apps; this requires custom-made medical apps with a significant information flow and flexibility to manage frequent changes and provide personal data protection. We can be your long-term partners during this digital transformation.

Improved patient experience for better care

We build health applications that make remote care possible - from appointment scheduling to remote patient monitoring. Provide reminders, alerts, billing options, and improve accessibility with a digital health record.

Advanced practice management features

Let’s improve your day-to-day operations and increase your staff’s productivity. Eliminate paperwork by using an electronic health record to document interactions between doctors and patients to enhance patient monitoring and diagnosis processes.

Streamlined healthcare processes

The advantage of bespoke web solutions is the adaptability to the specific needs of healthcare professionals, businesses, and patients. Digitalize care delivery to keep patients engaged, streamline processes, and improve communication between doctors and patients.

Fully integrated healthcare management system

Have one source of truth to eliminate guesswork and speed up your operations. Get a medical application that improves the information flow between multiple departments, like legal, billing, or HR. Additionally, you can use it to streamline employee training and management.

Case Study

SEI Healthcare facilitates medical quiz assessment with data-driven analytics

A web application with a real-time visualization dashboard showcasing user interaction across various medical quizzes. The quizzes take place over time and consist of different questions.


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Focused on delivering quality code

We take pride in our work and always focus on quality and not quantity. Our goal is to act like a true partner with our customers where trust prevails, and proactivity is a must.

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Top software development companies 2021

Top 100 fastest-growing company for 2024

Top medical web development company 2024

Verified as the top global 7% agencies

Using the latest technologies

We always use the latest tech adapted to your needs and use a proactive approach to help you achieve your goals.

React JS development

Ideal for responsive health apps that need eye-catching, responsive, and interactive user interfaces.

Node JS development

Perfect for real-time medical applications with an emphasis on speed and scalability.

Vue JS development

Great choice when creating user interfaces for medical apps with a focus on performance.

Laravel development

Best for software solutions that need to be highly secure, scalable, and performant.

Roland Peer



Digitalya has been supporting SEDUCO in both the creation, the design and implementation of our new and tailored seminar administration software. Not only do they have depth of talent and experience, but they also promote ownership of the projects. The team always takes time to fully understand the scope of the project. As a result, SEDUCO has evolved into an easy-to-use and scalable platform, which is crucial for our success.

Develop your custom medical app with us

We will build the best software for you.


We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a federal law that imposes national standards to protect the privacy and security of personal health information (PHI) across the United States. Being HIPAA compliant means you ensure the confidentiality of private patient information in all its forms (oral, paper, and electronic). You need to comply with HIPAA if your healthcare app is for or used by:

  • healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, doctors, and nursing homes)
  • health plans (insurance companies, HMOs, and other government programs, for example, Medicare)
  • healthcare clearinghouses (the middleman between providers and insurance companies that help process insurance claims).
These regulations do not apply to health service organizations that are not subject to U.S. law. At the same time, even if you are targeting only markets outside of the U.S., you might still be required to be HIPAA compliant if you process the health information of U.S. citizens that live in other countries. Being compliant with HIPAA will keep you away from fines and, at the same time, can be a benefit as your app might expand or process patient data from the U.S.

The development process’ length varies greatly depending on how complex the application is, the tech stack you plan on using, and what features you want to include. Additionally, the number of people in your development teams is also a factor. You can always contact us for a free consultation to get a rough estimate of the time necessary.

The healthcare app development cost can vary between $24,000 to $137,000, depending on the complexity and features included. The estimation formula is simple: total development time (hours) multiplied by the hourly rate. However, for more details on the cost of developing your customized healthcare app, you can check our estimation guide or request a rough estimation specifically for your application.

Before you move along with app development in the healthcare industry, you should have a clear idea of who you want to build an app for and the reasons why. What goals do you have, and what makes your development solution unique? After you have that figured out, here are a couple of points that you need to establish:

  • What tech stack do you want to use
  • How will you store data securely, according to all regulations in place
  • The management of administrative privileges

Even though every use case is different, there are a couple of common mistakes that can prevent you from developing a successful healthcare app and have an impact on patient experience:

  • Losing sight of who the end user is and what they want to use
  • Overcomplicating your app
  • Losing sight of your objectives and goals
  • Forgetting about compliance
  • Not planning for the future

If we look back a few years, we can see that the healthcare industry has faced unprecedented challenges and has had to adapt. Healthcare software development was one of the answers – a source of innovative solutions that streamlines some healthcare business processes.

  • You might want to create a healthcare application if you want:
  • Better management of health data
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Lower expenses for both healthcare providers and patients
  • Better communication between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Increased customer loyalty and engaged patients
  • Better practice management
  • Easier patient health monitoring
  • Improved patient experience

The idea of the perfect healthcare application differs from one user to another. Still, there are some common features most healthcare solutions should have (depending on their purpose), including, but not limited to:

  • Patients data collection
  • Networking for healthcare professionals
  • Appointment schedules
  • Seamless registration and login
  • Doctor and patient profiles
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Medical devices integration
  • Medical records access
  • Health data protection

There is more than one type of healthcare app out there, but only a few have managed to keep their patients engaged.. And unsurprisingly, most of these medical applications have a couple of things in common:

  • Customized healthcare updates
  • Prescription management system
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Easy communication between patients and doctors
  • Artificial intelligence chat-bots