Launch patient portals for your pharma brand

Build custom patient web portals and platforms for enhanced digital journeys and higher patient engagement with your pharma brand.

Build an integrated patient portal to achieve your goals

Develop a patient portal incorporating specialized features and seamless integration to successfully attain your business objectives and increase patient engagement.


Increase patient engagement

Transform patient engagement by offering personalized education, real-time expert communication, and gamified rewards to create an informed and connected community.


Boost clarity around your product’s benefits

Use various content types and mediums to provide clinical data, alleviate concerns, and educate patients about the benefits of your product.


Increase medication adherence

Improve medication adherence by using dosage trackers, personalized schedules, and medication education to ensure patients are committed to their treatment plans and to improve patient care.


Make informed decisions

Leverage the patient portal as a powerful tool to gather valuable feedback, analytics, and real-time data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic enhancements.

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Add the right features that support your goals

Create an information hub that delivers great patient experiences, supports people currently prescribed your medications, helps them understand their disease, and increases medication adherence.

Patient Engagement and Support Tools

Connect patients with HCPs through live chats and physician directories, offer expert guidance, share patient stories, and use gamified rewards for informed and empowered decision-making.

  • Live chat with a medical expert
  • Patient stories
  • Symptom & dosage checker
  • Medication identifier
  • Dosage or injection schedule
  • Physician directories
  • Gamification tools to reward patients

Educational Resources and Information

Equip your pharma patient portal with vital resources, including FAQs, financial assistance details, a symptom management guide, clinical trial results, and live webinars for an integrated patient experience.

  • FAQ Feature
  • Information about financial assistance
  • Symptom management guide
  • Clinical research library
  • Live webinars and other resources

Health Monitoring and Medication Adherence

Implement features to track patient medication adherence, offer health monitoring tools and medication identifiers. Integrate with pharmacy services for prescription management and adherence monitoring.

  • Medication identifier
  • Health monitoring tools
  • Integration with pharmacy services
  • Adherence monitoring reward patients

Patient Communities and Support Forums

Build a supportive ecosystem to allow patients to connect, exchange insights, and participate in meaningful events tailored to their medical conditions.

  • Forum for patients to discuss their medical conditions
  • Community events

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Be compliant with all regulations

Have no worries about delivering your patient portal and patient engagement platform. Our portal software development services follow all regulations and guidelines and ensure 100% compliance.

GDPR Compliant

Stay safe by having a GDPR-compliant patient portal for all patients residing in the EU, the UK, and other territories.

HIPAA Compliant

You’ll get a pharma patient portal that is HIPAA compliant and follows all regulations.

PIPEDA Compliant

Our development strategy incorporates robust privacy measures and strict access controls to ensure PIPEDA compliance.

CCPA Compliant

Your patient portal and any engagement tools will follow CCPA regulations, prioritizing data security and transparency.

Proven experience in building pharma patient portals

Read our case studies to get a better understanding of our past experience in building patient portals for pharmaceutical companies.

Case Study

Patient portal enables diabetes patients to manage their disease

Custom patient portal to enhance treatment adherence and improve health outcomes.


Case Study

Patient portal for pharma to empower breast cancer patients

Custom patient portal to enhance treatment adherence and improve health outcomes.


Case Study

Patient portal enables diabetes patients to manage their disease

Custom patient portal to enhance treatment adherence and improve health outcomes.


Case Study

Patient portal for pharma to empower breast cancer patients

Custom patient portal to enhance treatment adherence and improve health outcomes.


Get more done, faster

Harness our expertise in providing sophisticated pharma software solutions that prioritize compliance, user-friendly interfaces, and fast delivery.

Fast delivery within budget

Launch your project fast and within budget, and start testing it in the real world. We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality work in record time.

Proven pharma expertise

You will benefit from working with seasoned professionals who deeply understand the pharmaceutical industry's unique challenges and requirements.

Flexibility guaranteed

Benefit from our adaptability to meet evolving needs and deliver a portal that aligns seamlessly with market changes.

Unlock the advantages of a proven development methodology

From initial analysis of your pharma company's needs to crafting a tailored product plan and assembling a dedicated team, our streamlined approach ensures efficiency at every step. With Agile methodologies driving our development, we steadily advance your custom solutions towards launch each week.

Tailored business analysis

Product strategy

Agile sprints

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Dedicated development team

Patient Portal launch

Product live

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Top medical web development company 2024

Top 100 fastest-growing company for 2024

Top software development company 2021

Verified as the one of the top global 7% agencies​.

Let’s build an engaging patient portal together

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We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

A patient portal acts as a centralized hub for patient engagement and empowerment. It can help you deliver personalized information, provide easy access to educational resources, and offer interactive tools tailored to your pharmaceutical products, all while placing patients at the center of their health journey. This fosters informed decision-making and empowers patients to take control of their treatment.

Creating a supportive environment through a robust patient engagement platform can help improve patient health, build positive brand perception, and contribute to improved health outcomes.

Here are some of the most important benefits of building patient portals and engagement platforms:

  1. Enhanced patient engagement and education:
    • Centralized platform: Provide patients with a secure, one-stop shop for accessing personalized information, educational resources, and interactive tools related to their medications.
    • Improved medication adherence: Offer tools like medication reminders, tracking features, and educational content to promote optimal medication use and improve treatment outcomes.
    • Empowered patients: Foster informed decision-making by equipping patients with the knowledge and resources they need to participate actively in their healthcare journey.
  2. Streamlined communication and support:
    • Direct communication channels: Facilitate secure and efficient communication between patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmacists, addressing concerns and questions effectively.
    • Improved patient support: Offer patients a convenient and readily accessible channel to connect with support personnel and report eventual side effects, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.
  3. Brand building and reputation management:
    • Positive brand perception: Cultivate a supportive environment, demonstrate your commitment to patient well-being, and foster trust with patients and healthcare professionals.
    • Differentiate your brand: Stand out from competitors by offering a valuable patient-centric resource that enhances medication adherence and promotes positive health outcomes.
  4. Additional benefits:
    • Potential for improved health outcomes: Patient portals can empower patients and foster informed decision-making, contributing to better treatment adherence and potentially improving health outcomes.
    • Data collection and insights: Leverage patient engagement data to gain valuable insights into patient needs and preferences, driving product development and marketing strategies.

Investing in a custom patient portal for your pharmaceutical company allows you to build stronger relationships with patients, improve medication adherence, and ultimately contribute to positive health outcomes.

The duration for crafting patient portal solutions varies based on project complexity, required integrations, the extent of engagement features desired, and your specified deadlines. Collaborating closely with you, our team ensures a comprehensive understanding of your web portal development requirements, devising a project plan tailored to meet both your timeline and budget constraints. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details about time estimations.

Our custom software development expertise allows us to create a wide range of patient portal features tailored to your specific needs and the unique requirements of your pharmaceutical products. Here are some examples:

Core Features:

  • Secure login and user management: Ensure user privacy and data security with robust authentication protocols and access control mechanisms.
  • Personalized information access: Provide patients with a secure platform to access their medication information, medical history (depending on regulations), and treatment plans.
  • Educational resources: Offer patients access to informative content related to your medication, including disease information, treatment options, and potential side effects.
  • Medication adherence tools: Encourage optimal medication use through features like medication reminders, refill requests, and medication tracking tools.
  • Secure communication channels: Facilitate secure and efficient communication between patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmacists, allowing for effective resolution of queries and addressing concerns.

Advanced Features:

  • Interactive tools: Enhance user engagement with interactive elements like quizzes, educational games, and personalized health trackers.
  • Community forums: Foster peer-to-peer support and information exchange by creating secure community forums for patients with similar conditions (depending on regulations).
  • Real-time data integration: Allow for seamless integration with healthcare providers’ electronic health records (EHRs) for real-time access to relevant patient information (dependent on regulations and feasibility).
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate reports and gain insights into patient behavior, medication adherence trends, and portal usage patterns to inform future improvements.

We collaborate with you to identify the features of patient portals that best meet your specific goals and target audiences, ensuring your portal system delivers a personalized and engaging experience for your patients.

The costs of web app development and patient portal software development, in particular, vary greatly depending on the following:

  • Their complexity: the technology stack needed, the complexity of the web design, the addition of artificial intelligence features, etc.
  • The regulations we need to follow (e.g., HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, etc.)
  • If there’s a need for a mobile app or integration with healthcare mobile apps
  • Various integrations with medical software, device health data, lab results synchronization, electronic health record (EHR) solutions, or any other patient data and medical history inclusion are needed in the portal software.

You can request an estimation to learn more about the cost of developing your custom portal.

Certainly, we offer continuous maintenance and support for our web app development services to guarantee ongoing functionality, excellent user experience, and alignment with your requirements. We designed our software solutions support plans to accommodate your needs and budget constraints.