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Why should you do your Web Design and Development with us?

We work with the best web designers and developers to create outstanding high-performing custom websites that provide a unique look and feel, and professional web design.

Transparent and predictable processes

You can expect complete honesty and transparency regarding the timeline, milestones, availability, and project status. We work using the agile methodology, which means you are always aware of what’s done and what’s next.

Skilled web designers and web developers

You’ll have a team of professional web designers and developers at your disposal. We’ve seen it all during our almost a decade of experience in website design and development, so we can take on complex projects and deliver them on time and within budget.

Future-proof web designing and development

Your professional website will stand the test of time as your business grows. With a proactive approach, our development team will choose the proper tech stack to prevent future issues.


of people believe that an app's design determines a business's credibility


of companies increased sales by using a responsive design


of visitors will stop using an app that has an unattractive layout

Roland Peer



Digitalya has been supporting SEDUCO in both the creation, the design and implementation of our new and tailored seminar administration software. Not only do they have depth of talent and experience, but they also promote ownership of the projects. The team always takes time to fully understand the scope of the project. As a result, SEDUCO has evolved into an easy-to-use and scalable platform, which is crucial for our success.

Redesign your website or create a new one through our web development and design process

Build your next website using a tried and tested design and development process – getting you from an idea to a custom website. Our teams use the latest technologies and design trends, iterative testing, and in-depth market research to build fast, performant, responsive websites.

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Types of Web Design and Development projects

During the past almost ten years, we’ve been involved in various complex projects and managed to specialize in different areas.

Website design and redesign

This is perfect if your existing website needs UI and UX design improvements to deliver an efficient, relevant, and all-around pleasant experience for users. The same is true if you just start out and want the best user interface possible.

Website development

Once the interface design is ready, we can move on to the actual development of your website. We can build enterprise web portal development, content management systems, or custom websites to boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

E-commerce solutions

If you want to sell online, we can help you do it in style. Our experts can build custom eCommerce websites that boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, we’ll make sure to incorporate any eCommerce SEO best practices to maximize visibility online.

Web app design and development

We’ll put our design process and UI and UX designers to work on your web app design that you can then validate with potential users and customers. Once the final design is set, we can start the web application development process and bring it to life.


We aim to choose the best tech for your particular needs while keeping in mind any possible future maintenance or technology changes.

Our approach

Our dyed-in-the-wool frontend and backend development team is trained in today’s top-edge web technologies. Both designers and developers work closely with the client and the UX and UI team to ensure that best practices in user experience are always top of mind.

Full-cycle web development services

From idea to product release, we’ll help you build and share your digital product with the world.

Dedicated team of professionals

Our team has all the job titles, skills, and tools you need for every step of the website building process.

Focus on security and performance

We take extra care to ensure the web products we create are fast and secure to keep your users’ and customers’ data safe.

Vlad Rotariu

CEO, FeetUp


Digitalya has been a vital part in developing FeetUp® mobile app. The team did a great job in understanding our vision and delivered a high-quality solution. I really appreciated the fact that they constantly had the end-user in mind and suggested development ideas to ensure the best outcome for our customers. I highly recommend their skill set and technical knowledge.

Case Study

ClientZen turns customers into evangelists with real-time feedback based on sentiment analysis

ClientZen is the first customer experience management platform for B2B digital agencies that uses AI to measure client happiness in real-time.


Years Collaboration


People Involved


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We hope the information below will give you a better view upon the services that we provide.

Our designers will implement the best practices in terms of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to ensure the website or web app is easy to use, intuitive and looks professional. This means that all the user-facing elements are created during the design phase: colors, typography, spacing, usability elements, and more. In addition, we might also provide input on logo designs, branding, or company style guide.

The first step is to understand the goals and scope of your project. The next is to understand your potential customers and create wireframes designed to lay out content and showcase the functionality of a page or screen (e.g., the login screen) while taking into account user needs and user journeys. These don’t usually include visual design but mostly focus on placing the main elements of a page.

Once the site architecture is in place, we can start applying visual design to the elements and creating the visual brand identity.

At every stage of the design process, we will validate everything with potential users to ensure we build something people find easy to use and navigate.

Web development is the process of creating, building, and maintaining websites or web applications that typically run on a browser. Frontend developers work on implementing the design and customer-facing elements of a website (what a visitor/user/customer sees).

They also ensure you get a responsive website that loads correctly on multiple devices. On the other hand, backend developers focus on providing the website functionality (the forms are stored and working, visitors can finalize the shopping process, the orders are registered, the pages and posts publish correctly, and you can edit them, etc.).

Depending on your needs and requirements, the software development process will include a combination of programming languages and frameworks that help build the features you need. In the end, you will get a functioning website or web application with all the necessary functionalities.

The website or web application costs vary depending on its complexity and features. However, the estimation formula is straightforward: total development time (hours) multiplied by the hourly rate. You can contact us for a detailed estimation if you want more details regarding the costs. Alternatively, you can download the cost estimation ebook or use our app cost calculator to get a direct estimation based on your web app’s features.

These vary a lot depending on the features you need and your application’s or website’s functionality. We are experts in React JS, Node JS, Laravel, and Vue JS. We don’t shy away from using other tools and frameworks that get the job done.

1. Create a user-friendly design interface

The internet changes quickly, so keeping up with the latest changes and trends can help you offer an easy-to-use interface that allows users and customers to find what they want. Our design experts will optimize your website with this goal in mind.

2. Improve your visibility in search engines

A clear site architecture followed by an up-to-date design and quality website copywriting is the perfect recipe for getting your website or web application visible on search engines and getting more users on board.

3. Improved conversion rates

A site with the right UX and UI elements can help you drive users or visitors to where you need them: to the checkout, sign-up, or newsletter subscription page. Through our design service, you can provide clarity, eliminate roadblocks, grow your business, and achieve your digital marketing goals.

4. Multi-device friendliness

People use mobile devices, laptops, and tablets interchangeably, so being available on as many as possible has become a no-brainer. Getting your website or app in front of as many people as possible on as many mediums as possible is a must if you want to succeed.

5. Brand consistency from start to finish

It’s vital for people to quickly recognize your brand and get familiar with it each time they interact with you on your website, social media channels, via your newsletter or email, by watching your videos, and more. Disrupting the flow can make you lose valuable business, therefore you need to maintain consistency across all your channels and pages. This will help in any future digital marketing agency collaborations or your social media advertising efforts.