Evaluate your omnichannel marketing success

Take our two-minute quiz to discover how far ahead you are from achieving success through omnichannel marketing.

Who is the omnichannel success evaluator for?

The tool is designed for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry professionals responsible for developing and implementing an omnichannel customer experience.

This includes marketing managers, sales managers, product managers, and other professionals involved in the planning and execution of omnichannel campaigns.

How can the evaluator help your omnichannel strategy?

Overall, the evaluator is a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their omnichannel marketing strategy and create better omnichannel experiences.

By providing personalized recommendations and insights, the quiz can help you identify where you stand and how far you are from beating your competition and delivering a superior customer experience across all channels.

In short, the evaluator can help you:


Identify gaps in your current omnichannel strategy: the quiz can help you identify areas where your customer experience strategies need to be revised.


Get improvement recommendations: these may include suggestions for new channels to explore or resources needed to meet customer expectations.


Understand the success of your omnichannel strategy by assessing your current level of investment and resources used to achieve omnichannel excellence.


Learn more about omnichannel marketing and why it is essential and better understand the key components of a successful omnichannel strategy.

How does the success evaluator work?

The quiz consists of a series of eight questions that assess your omnichannel approach. You will be asked to select your organization's omnichannel practices and digital transformation status and answer questions about your strategies, processes, and tools.


Start test


Answear questions


Get summary result


Receive detailed report

Why should you trust us

We’ve been building omnichannel apps and software for the top 5 worldwide pharmaceutical companies.

Our hands-on experience developing and implementing omnichannel software solutions allowed mid-sized and enterprise companies to improve customer relationships and business results.

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HCP Portal for oncology healthcare professionals

HCP Portal that provides information and enhances engagement with oncology healthcare professionals.


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Find out if you are a top performer in running omnichannel efforts


We hope the information below will give you a better view on how the evaluator can help you.

Yes, the omnichannel quiz is completely free and available to anyone who wants to take it.

Once you complete the quiz, you will receive a classification reflecting your omnichannel strategy’s performance. You will also get a detailed report via email that provides insights into your strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for offering a consistent experience that will improve customer satisfaction.

Yes, feel free to share the quiz with your colleagues or other professionals who may benefit from assessing their omnichannel performance.

To measure the success of your omnichannel approach, you need to understand how each channel, tactic, audience segment, data point, etc., contributes to creating great omnichannel experiences.

Since this is a big endeavor, the evaluator can’t measure omnichannel success across all these areas. So instead, the focus is on analyzing the top most important strategies you can implement to ensure the basics are covered, such as your customer journey planner, customer profiles, and content strategy used to drive customer acquisition.

The tool is designed to evaluate the state of those resources and extract how far ahead you are.

Success means delivering a seamless and integrated patient experience across multiple channels, such as in-person visits, telemedicine, mobile apps, and patient portals. It is important because it improves access to care, enhances

You can use various metrics and indicators such as patient satisfaction ratings, appointment booking rates across channels, patient engagement with digital health tools, patient wait times, readmission rates, patient portal utilization, net promoter score, and health outcomes data.

Our tool helps you do an initial performance measurement and details much you can improve. For a comprehensive overview, as a healthcare organization, you can leverage electronic health records (EHRs), patient relationship management (PRM) systems, telehealth platforms, and patient engagement tools to gather data for measuring the omnichannel customer experience you offer. Additionally, patient surveys, feedback mechanisms, and social media monitoring can provide valuable insights.

KPIs may include patient satisfaction scores (PSAT), appointment adherence rates, patient portal adoption rates, telehealth utilization, patient-reported outcomes (PROs), medication adherence rates, customer lifetime value, customer retention rate and customer acquisition cost, brand awareness and brand reputation, and reduction in hospital readmission’s.

Our recommendation is to measure omnichannel success in healthcare on an ongoing basis. However, the frequency may vary depending on your organization’s specific goals and initiatives, your target audiences, and the specifics of your customer journey map. That being said, regular assessments, such as monthly or quarterly, can provide valuable insights and help track progress.

If you identify gaps or areas for improvement in your omnichannel strategy, consider analyzing the root causes and developing an action plan. This may involve optimizing patient communication and education across channels, enhancing digital health tools and accessibility, streamlining appointment scheduling and follow-up processes, and ensuring data security and privacy.