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Our React.js development team delivers state-of-the-art software solutions with the latest tech stack

React.js development team

With React.js we craft beautiful user interfaces that are exceptionally interactive and responsive, by following the highest development standards.


Powerful UI

We ensure that the user has a powerful and intuitive interface at his disposal. Fast, responsive and SEO friendly React.js allows us to create complex interfaces with rich interactions.


Pixel-perfect Approach

We consider every detail, down to individual pixels when designing and implementing a web app. We optimize how the user interacts with your product foreseeing different use cases.


Cutting-edge Performance

We use React's Virtual DOM to make your app run at top speed. With its super fast rendering capabilities, a higher performance and a cleaner user experience are guaranteed.


Modular Architecture

We design and develop a modular architecture on all React.js applications making them highly customizable and maintainable. We also ensure they work flawlessly across different devices.

Case Study

Chur – Wi-Fi sharing solution that connects users to 70 million hotspots in over 180 countries

IoT and AI based app that revolutionizes the way people use Wi-Fi. It aims to offer free, seamless, and secure internet access to billions of hotspots, all over the world, including planes, trains, hotels, and tourist sectors.


Chur users


Countries worldwide


Free hotpots


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