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About the project

The customer is one of the largest telemedicine applications in the US market with over 4000 unique visitors per minute. In an effort to advance their technology in record-breaking time, they were searching for a highly-skilled software development partner that could synchronize and complement their current team, while also helping build critical new features with zero downtime.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to tie together all the business logic and deliver components in a microservices architecture that can be reused by other teams and on other platforms.

Additionally, our team needed to have advanced technical skills to make big contributions to building new features critical to the development and future of the platform.

Another challenge was the "follow the sun" approach, meaning that there were distributed teams all over the globe, in different timezones, that ensured 24/7 development.

Thus, our team had to work like a Swiss watch, perfectly synchronized with everyone else, without creating blockages. All the other tasks were tied together, so any delays were translated into delays for other teams and the entire platform as well.

The Solution

With proactive communication and a hands-on approach, we synchronized perfectly with the other teams. This meant that there were no delays in the development process and that all the features were built on time and budget.

On the technical side, our team was involved in multiple processes. First, we changed the payment provider and customized the checkout page, including a Stripe integration and developing a tax deduction feature.

Additionally, we created an ERP system that ensured a user-friendly workflow - from when a patient schedules an appointment with a doctor to when medication is prescribed and purchased. At the same time, we made sure that accessibility features were available.

Finally, our team made big contributions to building a custom CRM that automatically updates the medical supplies stocks, streamlining the entire process that doctors and patients must go through.

The Results

Digitalya provided support through the team augmentation model, with fast and timely delivery, building the required features with the purpose of giving the healthcare company a competitive advantage and meet their customers' needs.

Due to the common efforts that Digitalya was a part of, the telemedicine platform managed to close a partnership with one of the top 10 billionaires and attract funding and project expansions in a new market.

How we did it

Our partnership with the client took place over the course of more than one year, during which we provided valuable insight and great experiences.

Technologies used

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Digitalya OPS helped us development of APIs and frontend. Goals were to connect Restful services, authentication and the frontend. The project was delivered before time within agreed 3 months period. They care about their developers and take care to stay in touch with us for regular feedback sessions and alignments.

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