Digitalya – Past, present, and future

This week, our CEO Jijie Alexandru had the opportunity to talk about Digitalya in an interview for Website Planet. He talked about the company’s beginnings, the challenges it went through, and the direction it’s going.

Starting with a team of 2 founders (Ovidiu and Marius) back in 2014, the team kept growing and overcoming challenges up to the point where now we can consider ourselves mature – both from a technical point of view and a personal one, but also experts in what we do.

Our clients are more than just clients – we’re in a partnership. Our team is not afraid to show initiative, come up with innovative ideas and, at the end of the day, bring added value to a project – both the team and the project grow simultaneously.

“We like to consider our clients as partners rather than clients, and they are involved in each stage of the product development. By having this mindset, methodology, and way of working, our partners have full transparency over the project and are part of the same team. There is no more “The Client” and “The Development team”; we are in this together.”

To learn more about us and how we do things, read the interview on Website Planet.

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