We’re soon to celebrate seven years of existence, and we’re happy that this is another year in which Clutch.co has grant us with leader award distinctions:

  • 2021 Top Development Firm in Romania
  • 2021 Top UX Designers in Romania

These years have enabled us to see that the core of each solution is its usability and user-centricity. Business needs may differ, but all goals lead to how a web application or mobile application can make processes easier for whoever interfaces with the product. The experience of the user, after all, can define a business’s success, generate leads, and even translate to an increase in revenue.

We’re thrilled to be nominated among the leading development agencies and win these two awards due to the research conducted by Clutch, a global B2B rating platform.

Each year, Clutch rounds up the top-rated agencies on the site, evaluating their level of commitment, service, and expertise across different projects.

We’re grateful that throughout the years, we had the opportunity to work alongside startup owners and corporate innovation groups from various industries, from healthcare, education to marketing & advertising, aviation sectors and many others. Today we can proudly say that we have the expertise of developing more than 50 web and mobile apps worldwide, each one of them coming with its fair share of challenges, rewards, and lessons learned. Another reason to be grateful and celebrate are the ongoing partnerships, some of them dating back to more than four years of working together.

All these couldn’t have been possible without the involvement of the Blue Minded Team and their unstoppable thirst for knowledge, creativity and development. Our values We learn together, We help each other, Power to the team, Always seek quality, and Tech is our playground kept us together and motivated us to deliver top quality apps.

Bellow, you can see some of the customer reviews that got us here:

On that note, we would like to thank our partners whose feedback and support have pushed us to continuously improve our services. And if you’re looking for a reliable tech partner, drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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