The challenge

Usually, when you open a call center, you need to think of at least 3 separate software tools: a predictive dialing software, a CRM, a data manipulation software. Usually, those are platform dependent (so you also need additional licenses) and require advanced configuration and maintenance. But what happens if you would also want something custom to fit your business? To add new features is most likely impossible, or extremely expensive.

The solution

A cloud based call center software, with predictive capabilities and a fully customizable CRM on top so that you can generate your own reports.


Contact centers, CRM, Services




AngularJS, jQuery, Laravel, REST, PHP, Javascript, SASS, Grunt, Bootstrap, Asterisk, VoIP, Webrtc, Mysql, Postgresql, STUN, TURN, Twilio

The call center CRM is a complete solution to manage enterprise contact centers in the cloud. 

Based on a patented predictive algorithm, this tool can help increase productivity, generate custom reports and optimize costs. It was used for business departments delivering for big brands like Vodafone, Wind, Eni.