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This digital product is unique because it combines a call center software with a CRM. It's an integrated call-center platform with predictive dialing, as well as a CRM that ensures a permanent connection between the company and the client.

The software can make API based calls directly from the browser window. The application also offers advanced reporting tools and a unified database, to ensure a continuous flow of information for every department.

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The cloud-based call center software enhances the customer relationship with its predictive capabilities and fully customizable CRM. The business management processes are also improved with quality control integrations, advanced reporting tools, easy campaign setup procedure, predictive reports and other functionalities.

Making predictive calls from the browser window was really chalenging because, at that time, the WebRTC feature, that enabled real-time communication, was instable. Another challenge was to distribute the calls accordingly to the agent's status (free, on call, ready, on break etc).


Alessandro Russo

Team Leader

We have a complicated structure with over 1200 agents spread across 5 locations in 2 different countries. We needed a custom system to manage our structure and Digitalya helped us achieve exactly that. The system helps management, telemarketing and telesales work together and, of course, keep clients happy. It was great collaborating with the team, and we'll definitely reach out again.


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