Emerson Crane Hire – preventing overbooking by bringing all the resources into one place


Emerson Crane Hire





About the project

Emerson Crane Hire booking platform is an innovative web solution that allows the team to "see into the future" and prevent overbookings. It can handle and book all the resources, from cranes to operators and materials.

The Challenge

Our partner had a major problem of not knowing the availability of all the resources. More than this, they came to us with a solution that couldn't be modified. So, we needed to find a way to use the software in its original form but receive different results.

The Solution

We created a custom software solution based on Cherwell that avoids over-booking. The system brings all the resources in one place and updates them in real-time so multiple operators can check the resources and rent them out.

How we did it

Together with the Emerson Crane Hire team, we delivered an outstanding software solution.

Technologies used

Assembled Team


Project Manager


Back End Developer


UI/UX Designer


Overview of all the resources for the next day


Check the booked hours for each resource


Allocate the team and the right crane for each project

Valentino Semeria

BO / Emerson Crane Hire Ltd


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