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World Vovinam Federation (WVVF) is a European platform that brings together representatives of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, a type of martial arts practiced in Vietnam. Each year international championships take place in different cities from Europe, where over 100 athletes compete to win the final prize.

The management software developed by Digitalya for the European Vovinam Championships offers a precise overview of the athletes, team members, coaches, referees and guests that will take part in the championship.



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The platform generates complex reports based on sports categories, countries, athletes and more. One of the biggest challenges was to create a connection between all the entities in order to facilitate the championship planning and analyze the impact.

Each year WVVF promotes Vovinam Viet Vo Dao to different countries from all over Europe. We are excited that more and more people have the opportunity of practicing this kind of martial arts and also get to use the application platform.


Thanh Nha Berrier - General Secretary at EVVF

Thanh Nha Berrier

General Secretary at EVVF

Ovidiu and Digitalya Web Development team developed our beautiful website and helped build an online registration module for martial art championships. They were able to take our rough ideas and turn them into a user-friendly platform. Once the service is complete, they stay with us to make sure that the system runs smoothly and guarantee their product. They have been a responsive partner and have provided high-quality service in a timely manner.


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