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About the project

The client is a multinational pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and sells pharmaceutical products to treat various disorders. The scope of the project is to build an omnichannel platform that provides information to healthcare professionals and the general population about how their products work, what diseases they are focused on, the latest discoveries in the field, and much more.

The Challenge

The company wanted to inform healthcare professionals and the general public about how their products work, the associated benefits, and the latest discoveries in the field and communicate future events. They also wanted to identify users' interests to improve their offering and marketing and sales communication efforts.

To do this, they needed to refresh and unify their web application, websites, and existing platforms into one omnichannel platform. At the same time, they wanted to extend them by adding features such as login protection, search engine optimization, advanced security, and easy scalability to sustain a large number of users and information.

Additionally, they were looking for a new flexible partner to accommodate their changing needs, improve their communication and collaboration processes, and quickly understand and adapt the software to match their customers' expectations.

The Solution

To assist the company in achieving its goals, we extended the existing content management system with scalability in mind, created social sharing components, and improved the middleware for better search engine indexability and discovery.

The next step was creating a dynamic content provisioning system to deliver personalized content to healthcare professionals and a filtering system to improve user experience and resource discoverability.

Developing such platforms for many users was no easy task since we had to adapt to different user groups with various goals on the platform and distinct specialties. To accommodate all this, we worked in well-defined sprints using the Agile methodology while also ensuring that we split each phase into doable chunks with a constant overview of the company's team to ensure we were aligned and on track.

The Results

Due to our improvements to the software infrastructure, the delivery time for building a new brand page was significantly decreased while also increasing the number of supported users. Additionally, we created reusable components that allowed a fast, streamlined page and forum-creating process, considerably reducing the time and budget necessary.

The user experience was also boosted due to the addition of advanced social sharing features; these improved the communication between medical professionals and their patients and allowed them to share helpful information while following government laws and regulations.

Due to our dynamic image rendering solution, the overall page performance was significantly improved. At the same time, the search engine optimizations drastically boosted the discoverability of the medical information shared within the platform and the ability to rank higher in search results.

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