Muzaara – automated advertising solution that revolutionizes sales with highly targeted ads and self-optimizing campaigns







About the project

Muzaara helps users achieve the highest ROI possible by creating automated ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. Users can create unique ads for each product in a few minutes, target specific needs, and set up a smart algorithm that optimizes the campaigns.

The Challenge

Creating an algorithm compatible with both Google and Facebook platforms was quite daring. Implementing it in a software that manages millions of product ads and offers real-time reports was even more challenging.

The Solution

To offer an automized process of creating and optimizing ads, we developed an intelligent algorithm that bids for the clients and generates the lowest cost. This is possible by analyzing huge amounts of data and testing thousands of ads subsets.

How we did it

From the initial idea to developing the MVP, becoming a Google partner, and further on, we're close to our partners.

Technologies used

Assembled Team


Project Manager


Front End Developer


Back End Developer


Dedicated dashboard


Advanced campaign analytics


Products feed


Application access

Neil Thomas

CEO / Muzaara Pty LTD


Ovidiu and his team at Digitalya have been a vital part of our business, and I would highly recommend their skill set, technical knowledge, and business aptitude to any company that is looking for a technical team that not only has excellent technical skills but also understands business objectives. I have worked with 100s of developers around the world over the last 5 years, and Ovidiu and his team are the best to date with a clear lead as they deliver clean code on time and question the process of the platform to ensure we are on the right track.

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