The challenge

The main problem was the over booking – this happened mainly because we could not know (until it was too late) what cranes would be available for a certain day. This problem had multiple effects:

  • Unable to provide to the client the requested crane
  • Cross-hires, that increased the company costs for a job

In addition, it was impossible to know a certain job’s cost, and how much it generated.  

The solution

The solution is a system where you can allocate to each booking (client request) the cranes, staff and materials required to complete the job. The platform will also give you recommendations and an extended overview of what is needed at a certain time.

The result

“I have outsourced thousands of projects to hundreds of suppliers since the dawn of online freelancing. Every now and then I’d stumble across an extraordinary provider and Digitalya are exactly that. For excellent commercial awareness, logic, skills and ability to meet deadlines on the most complex of projects, Ovi and team are always the first choice.”

Valentino Semeria, Business Operations

Emerson Crane Hire Ltd


Crane Hire, Construction


United Kingdom


AngularJS, jQuery, Laravel, REST, PHP, Javascript, SASS, Grunt, Bootstrap, ASP .NET API, Cherwell, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS

We Delivered An App

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