The challenge

Current endorsement deals find it difficult or almost impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of a talent’s influence through various channels.

The solution

A platform that seamlessly integrates a talent’s endorsement and licensing deals with their online presence, allowing them to optimize and monetize their influence.


  • Offers transparency for all parties;
  • Talent is paid according to the extent of their ability to drive actual sales;
  • Provides data to talent and brand to best position themselves to maximize the success of the endorsement;
  • Knows when to post;
  • Knows what to post;
  • Know where (which platform) to post.

The result

“Ovi is a tremendous project manager – one deserving of our highest recommendation. Particularly, his communication and availability were incredible. His team always found solutions and worked in a timely manner.

We look forward to continuing to work with Ovi and Digitalya.”

David Marquart, CEO

Mavvy LLC


Analytics, Marketing, Advertising, Affiliates




AngularJS, jQuery, Laravel, REST, PHP, Javascript, SASS, Grunt, Bootstrap, Redis, Postgresql

Mavvy is a unique affiliate sales tracker for endorsement and licensing deals.

It’s a web-based platform that utilizes custom embedded links to connect a talent’s online presence (website/social media) and a brand/product, track and display real-time data analytics for all traffic driven by talent, and tailor revenue distribution to the specifics of the deal.