Healthcare app development for digital transformation

Healthcare app development for digital transformation
  • Digitalize healthcare to provide better care to your patients
  • Quick integration in client's process, tooling, and infrastructure
  • Care delivery transformation
74% of patients have a preference for digital healthcare and telehealth; this requires custom made apps with a big information flow and flexibility to manage frequent changes.
Healthcare app development
Healthcare app development services
Web solutions for the needs of healthcare professionals, businesses, and patients. Digitalize care delivery to keep patients engaged, streamline processes, and improve the communication between doctors and patients.
Healthcare app development
Digital transformation for the healthcare industry
Eliminate paperwork by using an electronic health record for documenting interactions between doctors and patients. Enhance user experience, patient monitoring, and diagnosis by organizing lab results in electronic medical records.
Healthcare app development
Improve patients' digital experiences
Build health applications to make remote care possible - from appointments scheduling to remote patient monitoring. Provide reminders, alerts, and improve accessibility with a digital health record.
Healthcare app development
Successful healthcare management system
Medical applications can improve the information flow between multiple departments, like legal, billing, or HR. Additionally, employee training and management can be streamlined.
August Felix

Digitalya team understood from the beginning what we were looking for in terms of the project scope. We really appreciated the good grasp of our needs, the excellent code, and the rapid turnaround when needed.

Our application developers can help you build healthcare software for the needs of both patients and doctors.
Healthcare app development
Appointments scheduling
Healthcare app development
Remote patient monitoring
Healthcare app development
Patient portals
Healthcare app development
Data management system
Healthcare app development
Medical social networking
Healthcare app development
Telemedicine app development
SEI Healthcare
Case Study SEI Healthcare

SEI Healthcare facilitates medical quiz assessment with data-driven analytics

SEI Healthcare is a web application consisting of a real-time visualization dashboard that showcases user interaction across various medical quizzes. The quizzes take place over time and consist of different questions. The users can select between different answers for each question.
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Why do you need Healthcare app development?
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If we look back at the last few years, we can see that the healthcare industry has faced unprecedented challenges and had to adapt. Healthcare software development was one of the answers - a source of innovative solutions that streamlines some healthcare business processes.
Some of the concrete benefits of software development for healthcare include:
• Better management of health data
• Facilitates remote patient monitoring
• Lower expenses for both healthcare providers and patients
• Better communication between patients and healthcare professionals
• Increase customer loyalty and keep patients engaged
• Better practice management
• Makes patient health monitoring easier
• Improved patient experience
What features should a health app have?
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The idea of the perfect healthcare application differs from one user to another, but there are some common features most healthcare solutions should have (depending on their purpose), including, but not limited to:
• Patients data collection
• Networking for healthcare professionals
• Appointment schedules
• Seamless registration and login
• Doctors' and patients profiles
• Reminders and notifications
• Medical devices integration
• Medical records access
• Health data protection
What are patients looking for in medical apps?
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There is more than one type of healthcare apps out there, but only a few have managed to keep their patients engaged. And, unsurprisingly, most of these medical applications have a couple of things in common:
• Customized healthcare updates
• Prescription management system
• Remote patient monitoring
• Easy communication between patients and doctors
• Artificial intelligence chat-bots
How long does it take to develop a medical app?
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How long the development process will take varies greatly on how complex the application, the tech stack you plan on using, and what features you want to include. Additionally, the number of people in your development teams is also a factor. To get a rough estimate of the time necessary you can always contact us for a free consultation.
How much does it cost to build a healthcare app?
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The healthcare app development cost can vary anywhere between $24,000 to $137,000, depending on how complex it is and the features that are included. The estimation formula is simple: total development time (hours) multiplied by the hourly rate. However, for more details on the cost to develop your customized healthcare app, you can check our estimation guide or request a rough estimation specifically for your application.
What do you need to know before starting any healthcare app project?
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Before you move along with app development in the healthcare industry you should have a clear idea of who you want to build an app for and the reasons why. What goals do you have and what makes your development solution unique? After you have that figured out, here are a couple of points that you need to establish:
• What tech stack do you want to use
• How you will store data securely, according to all regulations in place
• The management of administrative privileges
What are some common pitfalls to avoid for healthcare apps?
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Even though every use case is different, there are a couple of common mistakes that can prevent you from developing a successful healthcare app and have an impact on patient experience:
• Losing sight of who the end user is and what they want to use
• Overcomplicating your app
• Losing sight of your objectives and goals
• Forgetting about compliance
• Not planning for the future

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