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Omnichannel from A to Z

Learn from the hands-on experience of four pharma experts about omnichannel orchestration and strategy, how to grow and set up a maturity plan, KPIs, and how to focus on ROI.

Looking for ideas for better omnichannel orchestration and strategy?

Not sure what channels are best and how to measure their success?

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Get new insights from four pharma industry experts who will delve into the best omnichannel strategies and practices and share actionable items.

Webinar agenda

Welcome and introduction of the host and guests

Brief overview of the webinar topic and objectives

How do you grow step by step: maturity plan, set the KPIs, how to focus on ROI

Pilots in omnichannel: what is the ideal pilot and two real examples

Q&A Session

Conclusions and recap

Meet the hosts

Learn from the extensive knowledge of four pharma industry experts with deep expertise in companies such as Takeda, AbbVie, Novartis, Roche, AstraZeneca, Grünenthal, and more.



SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence @Grünenthal

Started his career in finance but then switched to working with pharma enterprises through his own company. Later, he joined AstraZeneca, leading the Respiratory Global Analytics and Intelligence team. After 12 successful years, he joined Grunenthal, where he designed and implemented the new omnichannel-delivered commercialization model.



Business & Customer Excellence Director @Ipsen

As Director of Business Excellence at Ipsen, Rick is leading a team to develop the digital customer engagement and the analytics and insights on customer engagement and satisfaction. Rick has over 20 years of experience in pharma sales and marketing, having worked at some big Pharma companies like Pfizer, Roche, and Novartis.



Founder of Shyft & the podcast 'Growth for Pharma'

A recognized thought leader and omnichannel expert focusing on BioPharma and late-stage Biotechs. He founded Shyft in 2022, guiding clients to build an omnichannel strategy and operating model and helps execute omnichannel campaigns using his ‘Campaign Mindset Framework.’ He’s also trained over 750 people on omnichannel and is a speaker.



CEO @Digitalya

CEO at Digitalya, a software development company founded in 2014, focused on building web applications and platforms for startups and enterprises in the pharma, healthcare, and life-sciences industry, including the top five pharmaceutical companies.

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