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The fact that NodeJS offers very fast runtime and scaling out of the box without the need to implement and manage complex data structures makes a developer's job much easier.

Marius Cojocariu - CTO

Development Team

Our engineers are well-versed in working with Node.JS and they would recommend it for the flexibility and space for future growth it offers. Check out some of our case studies for some examples.

Development Advantages

NodeJS is a powerful Javascript-based framework that allows full stack development, revolving around a single programming language. Because of its event-driven architecture, NodeJS is perfect for scalability and real-time web applications.


Using JavaScript for both back-end and front-end helps our developers create a smooth connection between the server and the user interface, which results into high performance, high speed applications.

Request Handling

A nonblocking input/output process means that elements which are not dependant on I/O being completed can be modified. Therefore, we can work on requests simultaneously, which makes development faster.


Because it has a single threaded asynchronous architecture, NodeJS can handle many requests, which makes it not just faster, but also suitable for developing scalable applications.


NodeJS works with the help of a JavaScript engine named V8, created by Google with high performance in mind. That's one of the reasons why we consider NodeJS a great solution for real-time web applications.

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