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Emerging Trends in Omnichannel - Field Force Engagement

Learn more about how technology, data analytics, and digital tools transform how pharma companies engage with their field force, uncover new strategies and learn from success stories.

Have trouble figuring out how to increase field force engagement to deliver better results?

Want to learn new strategies for effective training of your sales representatives?

Eager to hear success stories and uncover relevant KPIs to measure the impact of your plan?

Get answer to all questions and more

Uncover the latest trends regarding field force engagement, understand how you should adjust your action plan and measure its effectiveness, and get actionable insights from real success stories.

Webinar agenda

Welcome and introduction of the host and guests

Brief overview of the webinar topic and objectives

Emerging Trends in Omnichannel - Field Force Engagement
  • Introduction to field force engagement and the evolution of field force over time
  • How technology, data analytics, and digital tools transform the engagement with the field force
  • Strategies for effective training of the field force
  • Culture shift on empowering the field force
  • Setting up relevant KPIs and measuring them
  • Why and how to improve collaboration of the field force with HQ
  • Success stories of performant sales teams in pharma
  • Future trends in field force engagement and predictions for the field

Q&A Session

Conclusions and recap

Meet the hosts

You’ll be able to learn from the extensive knowledge of three omnichannel industry experts who have contributed to an increase in force field engagement in the top five pharmaceutical brands in the world.




With over 30 years of experience working in companies such as Pfizer and Takeda, she is the founder & CEO of Cheemia, an innovative and independent healthcare company specializing in market access and pull-through for pharma companies.



@Pharma Consultant

Book author and omnichannel marketing consultant with over two decades of experience addressing unmet digital needs and leading digital transformation within the global pharmaceutical industry for companies such as Viatris, Pfizer, and many others.




CEO at Digitalya, a software development company founded in 2014, focused on building web applications and platforms for startups and enterprises in the healthcare, wellness, and fitness industry, including the top five pharmaceutical companies.

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