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Muzaara helps you achieve the highest ROI possible by creating automated ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. By leveraging a huge database of existing product data, its accuracy increases significantly over time.

The software behind the app uses live data feeds to constantly deliver ads tailored to the target audience. It has an intelligent bidding algorithm for both Google and Facebook, which makes monitoring an extensive amount of product ads easy as pie.

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In order to offer an automized process of creating ads, the bidding process was indispensable. We had to create an intelligent algorithm that will bid for the client, and generate the lowest cost for action possible. Not only that, but this algorithm had to be compatible with both Google and Facebook platforms.

Other challenges we faced with Muzaara were managing different formats of data feeds that could contain up to millions of products, as well as offering reports in real time. The reports are also complex, based on a multitude of parameters like keywords, campaigns and bid goals.


Neil Thomas - CEO at Muzaara Pty LTD

Neil Thomas

CEO at Muzaara Pty LTD

Ovidiu and his team at Digitalya have been a vital part of our business and I would highly recommend their skill set, technical knowledge and business aptitude to any company that is looking for a technical team that not only has excellent technical skills, but also understands business objectives. I have worked with 100s of developers around the world over the last 5 years and Ovidiu and his team are the best to date with a clear lead as they deliver clean code on time and question the process of the platform to ensure we are on the right track.


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