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3 ways to use GenAI in biopharma marketing now

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Webinar agenda

Welcome and brief overview of the guests, webinar topic, and objectives

Getting started with GenAI in biopharma marketing - main steps & pitfalls to avoid

Top use cases: What are the main problems that can be solved and how?

How to mitigate risks when starting to use GenAI?

How will pharma marketing look like in 2030?

Conclusions and recap

Meet the speakers

Learn from the extensive knowledge of four pharma industry experts with real world expertise in using GenAI in their companies or the clients they serve in the pharmaceutical industry.



CEO, Digitalya

Alex is the CEO at Digitalya, a software development company focused on building web applications and platforms for biopharma and healthcare enterprises. He also runs the OmniSilence newsletter focused on innovation and omnichannel in pharma.



Director, Camino Communications

Jess has been in healthcare communications for 15+ years and leverages omnichannel and generative AI to enhance pharma's communication with HCPs and other audiences. Recognizing the core challenge as non-technical, Jess takes a people-centered approach​​ to applying new technologies with a growth mindset that enables greater efficiency, value and innovation.



Global Digital Innovation Manager, AI-for-Pharma Marketing Expert

Manuel is a Sr. Omnichannel Marketing Manager who is on a mission to normalize AI in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. Manuel has 8+ years of experience in digital marketing and digital transformation within top global pharma and biotech firms; he also contributed to the book “AI Marketing” in 2019 and spoke at several international AI conferences, webinars, and workshops for AI in pharma.



Chief Marketing Officer, Magnolia (Host)

Anthony Poliseno is CMO at Magnolia, and is passionate about storytelling, media, change, and, of course, comic books. Prior to Magnolia, Anthony worked in product marketing at headless CMS vendor Contentful and built the marketing team at Uniform, a startup focused on the composition layer for composable DXPs.

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