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By working with AI technologies you can create a system that can learn from its mistakes and maximizes its chances of success.

Marius Cojocariu - CTO

Artificial intelligence
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Learn how companies from Switzerland and all over the world use AI to build revolutionary products and generate outstanding results.

Artificial intelligence

From healthcare and education to finance and production, artificial intelligence is a helpful tool for any industry. It helps you increase the overall productivity and identify new opportunities for development.

1Big Data

We believe AI is a great asset for data analysis, and according to Narrative Science, 95% of enterprise executives agree. AI is often coupled with big data, because it can create connections and find patterns.


Artificial Intelligence can prevent errors and increase productivity, by automating processes for any industry, from manufacturing to healthcare, in any department, from sales to customer service.


As stated by RightNow, 82% of customers leave companies because of bad customer service. Based on machine learning, chatbots can improve customer service, offering fast and responsive support.


AI can help you predict how your KPIs will evolve, based on smart pattern recognition algorithms. Deep learning helps to interpret results and offer educated predictions in order to support future decisions.

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