Developing digital projects with a blue state of mind

In the land of the seven hills, across the seas and oceans, in the heart of Digitalya Kingdom, there is a team known by the name of Blue Minded Team.

Is there any connection between the color blue and digital product development? Let’s start with the beginning.

What is the meaning of the color blue?

The color blue might have a different meaning for each human being and above all each culture. From trust to royalty, from peace to immortality, security, health, sadness, joy, the color blue holds more meaning than any other color.

What does the color blue mean for us?

For us, blue means unity, trust, autonomy, quality, peace, fulfillment and passion for what we do, satisfaction with our work, keeping an open mind, pushing ourselves to grow, be better coders and creators. Blue is not just our color, it’s a state of mind.

The team dictates our path and their choice is to work together in delivering digital products that make our clients happy. We value autonomy and proactiveness and every team member has a key role on the road to success.

A general state of happiness is present in our office and a blue state of mind guides our actions and goals. We shape our projects with passion and we seek quality over quantity. We are a multidisciplinary team that values and encourages clarity and simplicity.

Being guided by the “less is more” methodology, complex projects bring a smile to our face and motivate us to find the perfect solution. We never stick to the default, but dig up all the possible solutions. We always explore as many angles as possible. So, in order to rule the kingdom and deliver high-quality digital products, we have built an environment that encourages learning and improvement. We complement our skills and constantly achieve new ones.

We work with passion and we don’t give up until we are fulfilled with the result. We consider feedback and communication the most important factors in the process of delivery, because only working together we can reach the best outcome.

The future is in our mind and new technologies at our fingertips. We speak multiple languages and choose the right one depending on the project’s requirements and the trends. Whenever a new web technology is out we conquer it with enthusiasm and implement it in our projects.

Our weapons: quality code, bug-free apps, latest technologies, simple processes, extra attention to details, drive for personal and professional development

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Marketer by day, reader and painter by night, Madalina likes to cast a creativity spell on everything she does. Analytical and results-oriented she brought her alchemy into the world of tech.

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