How we’re making a difference: A glimpse into Digitalya’s impactful journey into pharma software development

Learn about how are we making a dent in the universe and why we are passionate about working in the healthcare and pharma industries.

We all know the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” However, let me add another layer to that. If you do what you love and what you do positively impacts other people’s lives, you have a recipe for success.

1. Introduction

At Digitalya, we choose projects focusing on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. There are plenty of reasons behind our choice, and we want to share some with you.

1.1 We’re passionate about healthcare and pharma

There’s a big difference – we are now working for a common and bigger purpose: facilitating the communication between healthcare professionals and patients,” said Alexandru Sulic, one of our project managers.

I can’t imagine myself working in a different industry; it’s vital for me to feel like my work has a greater purpose. Working in healthcare is a good fit for me because the end result is helping people,” said Andrei Silvas, one of our tech leads.

We’ve asked some of our colleagues how they feel while working on their projects. The common answers mentioned that their work’s impact on the world motivates them to go the extra mile. 

Working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry makes us proud of our work, and that is reflected in the quality of our finished products. We believe in what we do, and it shows in our daily work.

There are four main reasons why working in these industries has become part of our secret sauce:

  • We have a meaningful impact on the world

The pharma industry plays a crucial role in improving human health and well-being. Our work can directly contribute to developing life-saving treatments and improved patient outcomes.

Along with a global pharmaceutical company, we worked on an HCP Portal focused on oncology healthcare professionals that, among other features, facilitated the communication between healthcare providers and patients by making it easier to send patient handouts with relevant information and advice related to their condition and treatments.

  • Get to solve complex challenges

Working in a constantly evolving industry presents a continuous stream of complex challenges we must solve. Solving these problems requires creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape. Subsequently, this helps us steadily improve and become better every day.

For example, for the HCP portal we mentioned before, it was a challenge to adapt something that was initially designed to be small to accommodate a large number of websites with different audiences and designs.

  • Work with cutting-edge technology every day

Pharma is at the forefront of technological advancements. Working with technologies like content management systems, artificial intelligence, or machine learning helps us stay in touch with new emerging trends and technologies.

  • We have the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams

The projects we work on bring together specialized teams for different topics. We must consider their opinions and create a product that meets the highest quality standards. It can be challenging, but the result is worthwhile.

1.2 Our software is making a difference

When working on a project that involved writing cancer information, I read some of the stories people have shared on the topic. I hope what we’re working on reaches as many people as possible who are going through this difficult part of their lives,” said Irina Dragomir, one of our web developers.

Even though it can be emotional, we’re passionate about what we do – especially when we see the impact the projects we’re working on can have on other people’s lives.

Our projects facilitate people’s access to medical information and improve healthcare delivery worldwide. We feel like part of something bigger, not just a cog in the machine, which motivates us to be better every day – especially considering the impact of our work.

1.3 Our commitment to innovation

First of all, for the Blue-minded team, innovation is not just a buzzword. It’s a driving force behind our success, growth, and impact.

Second, working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries involves interacting with ever-evolving and constantly changing standards and keeping up with emerging trends and technologies.

We believe in being more than just a bunch of developers writing code. We become partners with our clients and want to understand — and regularly suggest improvements to — the projects we work on. We are invested and committed to finding the best solutions.

2. Our employee culture

If you want to learn more about our culture and what makes us so great as a team, I suggest reading Shape how you work — a promise to the Blue-minded team. But to give you a quick rundown, let’s briefly discuss our views on teamwork and continuous improvement.

2.1 We value teamwork and collaboration

We all know the saying, “There is strength in numbers.” While we might not need actual strength in our work, multiple perspectives and various experiences can create a better product than a single mind.

We have different departments working together for a common goal, teams that write code together, and teammates that get involved in organizing events — without collaboration, everything would be different.

2.2 We encourage continuous learning and development

Sure, skill development is very important, especially when you’re passionate about your work. It is an active goal of ours to become better on the technical side every day.

However, we recognize that becoming a better version of yourself also means personal development. Collaboration, as we mentioned earlier, time management, accountability, and other “soft skills” are a vital part of why our company culture is so strong.

2.3 We treasure flexibility

Flexibility is empowering. As long as what needs to be done gets done in time, everyone is free to shape their own schedule. But it doesn’t stop here. We learn to adapt and overcome any challenges that we face. You are free to create your own path to get to the finish line.

3. Join us and make a difference

Each person is different. We’re not looking for a cookie-cutter recipe for new team members. We’re looking for people who see the world as we do and are willing to take action to create a place they want to be a part of.

We won’t say that we’re searching for people looking for a challenge. This is something that everyone says because it sounds promising.

However, we’re offering an opportunity to make a real impact on people who want to take advantage of it. 

Making a difference doesn’t refer to just the projects themselves. It also means impacting how you work, your personal growth, how you relate to others, and how you perceive the relationship with our clients.

Being a Blue-minded team member is more of an experience than a job. And we’d be happy to have you with us.

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