Software development methodology based on “Less is more” philosophy

Hello there,

Do you have a business idea? Do you plan to implement it? Awesome! We can help you. We are a digital product development company based in Romania, and we want to ask you the following question: Have you ever felt like breaking the rules and reshaping the world?

We definitely did! And we made a promise:

“In a world full of complicated processes and sophisticated solutions we will choose to be different. And even for the most complex problem, we will search and find the simplest solution”.

We guide our daily projects by the philosophy less is more.” We believe that simplicity and clarity pave the way to a successful digital product, and those two are present in each step of the software development process.

For us, success comes with users, so the more people are using your product, the happier we are. That is why we put passion in every single step of the process, and we make sure that the user is enjoying each feature of your product.

Let’s play an imagination game:

Let’s say you want to write a book with different life stories. The first one is yours. You consider every event important, so you want to include it in the book, but your story must fit in just one page. How can you express more with fewer words? Sounds difficult, right? This is pretty similar to the process of digital product development. There are dozens of requirements that seem to be important but limited resources.

The story of your life should be based on the most important and relevant experiences. In digital product development, this represents the MVP – the minimum events that your book should present to gain readers. The book is the final product that consists of your story and many more from your readers.

The tone, voice, and feelings that are present represent the user experience. The code is all the effort you put into finding the right way of delivering the message; the words used, the description within the text, the colors of the cover pages, the type of paper, and the paragraphs. The rest of the book consists of the feedback gathered from your readers and their stories.

The result? A book that will delight its readers and that will encourage them to become a part of the story. Our role in this process is to help you develop the book and create a connection with your readers.

There are four simple steps that we follow:

1. We listen to your story, your dreams, and your expectations.

We work together to define what is truly important. We identify the main features and the connection between them.

2. We sketch your story’s interface

This stage of the product’s journey gives us a clear vision of what the product will look like. We go from abstract elements, feelings, and colors to creating a storyline that will catch your reader’s attention.

3. We build the story

This is our favorite part because we code our way through it. We carefully choose the technologies that will bring to life the interface and develop, with passion, every feature.

4. We add new pages to the book

Users are your best friends. They read your book and provide feedback based on their experience. Now we can develop new features and improve the existing ones, iteration after iteration, in order for the user to have the best experience.

The most important thing to keep in mind while going through each step? Simplicity and clarity are the main factors that will keep your readers happy. Remember? “Less is more.”

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