Top 15 Web Development Companies in 2023

Not sure which company to choose? Here's a list with the top web development companies.

Most people will research or reach out to a company online before doing business, especially for a digital product. This is why the first impression a potential client makes is crucial. To ensure that you achieve the best results possible when a new user enters your website, you should probably consider working with one of the top web development companies in 2023.

1. How to choose the right web development company

When you decide to outsource a software product, you have to do a lot of research. You surely heard horror stories about disastrous results or substandard performance. However, with the proper amount of care and scrutiny, this can be avoided.

We’ve identified a few pointers that can tell you whether you’re in the right place with a particular web development company.

  • Do they understand your needs and requirements?

The quality of your website can either make or break your business. Therefore, it’s essential that the web designers and developers in the company fully understand what you require of them.

However, you shouldn’t expect the development teams to read your mind. Be sure you communicate clearly and efficiently with them, so you can genuinely see if you’re a match.

Another thing that you can do is see what clients they have and how well they manage their demands. If all of the solutions they come up with are similar, that might be a problem.

  • Is there a cultural fit?

Usually, you can tell how collaboration will work by looking at a company’s internal culture. If they care about their culture, they will probably pay attention to yours.

Additionally, if you have similar values, paces, or personalities, you will probably get along just fine with the web development company you’ve chosen.

  • Not everything is about backend development

Your choice should go beyond a website development company. Instead, try to look for a software development company that has the experience and both designs and develops responsive websites.

Especially if you want more than just a website, like a web application, try to find someone that ticks more than just one box—without being a jack of all trades.

  • Does anyone refer them?

Ideally, you’d like to know if other people recommend the web development agencies you will work with. What former clients say about a business can speak volumes and can be more relevant than any ad campaign.

The same applies to the work samples they offer. You need to figure out whether or not they can meet your standards by showcasing their skills.

  • If needed, ask for a trial period

If you’re undecided about a company, you should be able to ask for a trial period. You only give them a small part of the project and see how they handle it for two to three weeks. This is probably the safest way to determine whether or not they’re a good fit.

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2. Top Web Development Companies in 2023

Whether you’re looking for a top web designing company or a top web development company, we made a list of businesses to help you reach your goal. Mind the fact that they aren’t in a particular order.

Digitalya is a top software development company based in Romania. With more than 52 world wide web and mobile applications, their goal is to help people achieve their dream of being successful tech entrepreneurs.

A digital agency that can offer you start-to-end services. They seem like a swiss-army knife business, being a website design company, a digital marketing agency, and a PR agency. You can find big names among their clients, like Ford, Motorola, Pringles, Disney, or Marvel. You can also check out their work on their website and see if Lounge Lizard is a good fit for you.

Labeled as a custom software development company, they can help you with both development and design for your website. The services provided by this highly qualified team range from UX UI design and mobile applications to web applications or IT consulting.

This is a top web development firm focused on mid-market or small businesses. They boast expertise in taking underperforming websites and making them suitable for your company. In addition, their WordPress developers can transform your website and help you manage it afterward.

With plenty of reviews on Clutch and working with NGOs, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations, this software development company has a few accomplishments. Their Magento developers can bring you excellent e-commerce solutions. They also offer graphic design and web app development services besides their Magneto IT solutions.

This web development company is based in Los Angeles and was founded in 2000. They take their clients through the Urban Insight Process that builds your website from the discovery and strategy stage to offering support after the development project is complete.

Based in New York, this agency can help you digitally transform your business. From developing digital experiences together with them to building your custom website to enhance your digital strategy. Among their clients, you can find big names like Sony, FedEx, and Microsoft.

With great e-commerce developers, this agency based in the United Kingdom can help you if you’re in the retailing business. They offer services from consulting and strategizing to development and digital marketing, including search engine optimization.

This is a website development company from North Carolina that provides website design services. This studio can also help business owners create digital strategies to help you take your company to the next stage.

Tivix is an app development company based in San Francisco that can help you develop web and mobile apps. Among the web development languages they use, you can find Django, Python, Node.js, Angular, and many more.

A custom software development company, Classic Informatics provides web and mobile app development, digital transformation, and even content management systems. Their services suit companies of all sizes, with expertise in domains ranging from healthcare to real estate and FinTech.

Based in Denver, Groundwrk distances itself from the idea of a design agency and names itself a “specialty shop.” They provide digital experiences by creating brands and websites that fit the feeling of your company or startup.

Right from Los Angeles, Coalition offers plenty of services to boost your business. From websites development to content management systems and even integrating marketing tools like social media into your website, they have many case studies to back up their efforts.

This is a company from the United Kingdom that develops software and offers uxui services. Their experimented team can help boost your business, no matter the project size. Among their clients, you can find big names like Nokia, Thermo-Fisher, and many others.

Sumatosoft is an app development company with a wide range of services, from web apps to uiux design. Their team has a lot of experience working with big names like Toyota, and their approach can help you reduce the cost and time necessary for your development project.

3. How much does it cost to build a web application?

Before fully committing to having your web application developed by a customized software development company, you probably want to know how much getting your product developed will cost. However, in application development, prices vary significantly according to the features included, the project sizes, and the number of people in development teams.

The best way to figure out what features your customized software needs to have for both mobile and web apps is to develop an MVP first, with only the bare minimum. This way, you can test the market and focus on user experience and product design.

Another good practice is to go through a Design Sprint process to validate your idea and test it with a clickable prototype. Working with a UX designer and a custom software developer can help you make educated decisions when it comes to what features you need.

Usually, custom features are priced by the hour. However, to give you a very rough estimate, some web development agencies work with fixed prices, so here are some examples:

  • Messaging—ranging from $3.200 to $6.400.
  • Calendar—ranging from $2.000 to $3.600.
  • Content Management Systems—ranging from $1.200 to $1.600.

Other elements influence the price of your software solution. For instance, you could integrate artificial intelligence, IoT, or virtual intelligence into your digital product. Usually, the hourly rates for these technologies can be higher by 10% to 20% than global hourly rates.

Additionally, there is the cost of releasing your digital solution. For example, the Apple app store can charge you $99 annually, while the Google play store has a fee of $25 paid only once.

The minimum size of a functional development team will consist of a project manager, one front-end, and a back-end developer. With this being said, the number of people on your web design and development team will influence the cost and time you will have to spend to develop your product.

To get a rough estimate of your app development costs that will take into account all the details we mentioned and even more, you can use our app cost calculator.

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